Addison Wang
the Socialites
Thursday, January 28th.
Touring Hawaii.

Note: the bleached shirt should be unbuttoned and quite long on the outfit, sorta grudgey and layered.


i straightened my mirrored aviators once more while leaning on a wooden pillar that stood outside of the hotel pavilion, sighing every 5 seconds. my foot tapped a familiar beat of 'Swim' by Jack's Mannequin onto the cemented flooring, my patience was dying. finally the automatic sliding doors opened up, revealing Lily, Sam, Peter and my father. Sam was wearing sunscreen splotches all over his face with a green and purple Hawaiian styled shirt that didn't flatter his pale untanned skin, to make the fashion police angrier, Sam wore denim shorts above his skinny knee caps that made me gag internally. but that's not where my rant ends, Lily, wore a bright pink ruffled sundress with a black belt and black gladiators, and a floppy yellow sun hat to shield her face. on the other hand Peter wore a t-shirt with a beige, blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt, and beige cargo shorts and Rainbow flipflops. that made my day. "so," i stood up straight, "our tour bus left thanks to little Sam's sunscreen." i eye Sam down. 

my father coughs, trying to coverup the insult, "we're going shopping for bridesmaid dresses!" he said optimistically, trying to motivate us into shopping with Lily. 

my jaw dropped, "WHAT?" my shocked face moving from Lily to my father, "you said i could design them! and i have!" 

my father sighed, looked at Lily, then turned to me, "Addi," he spoke softly, putting my down gently, "your sketches were amazing... buuuuuut, they didn't go with the theme of the wedding. the theme for the girls is hot pink and yours--"

"WHAT?" i said once more, "i gave you 5 fuc-- 'friggen' dress sketches!" i shouted, appalled at what had taken place.

"we'll talk later Addi." my father grabbed my arm and threw me into the car next to Peter, i turn to my right, revealing Sam, sandwiching me in. a few minutes later, after the terrible silence that has cursed our car since Lily has entered, we arrive at a cheep outlet, where Lily insists we buy a dress from. 

"money is no object." i tell Lily, with a serious face, once we step out of the car "if you're going to be a Wang, i suggest dressing like one," i raise a single eyebrow and place my hand onto my hip, "you're not a charity anymore Lily, you're a donator now." i slam the car door and make my way to the outlet stores. thankfully, we don't find anything, so we head back to the cursed car, where i am again sandwiched. this time, my father picks the store, we arrive at a Vera Wang store to pick up the wedding gown Lily had picked out, then we proceeded into heading over to Diane von Furstenberg.

"try it." Lily handed me a hot pink halter dress which i knew was a fashion DON'T. she smiled at me, urging me to try on the bridesmaid dress that the Socialites were to be styling in.

i pushed the dress away, making sure my fingers don't touch it, "uhhh, i don't think so." i turn around and rummage through the racks, "how about this?" i hold up a light fuschia dress to Lily.

"try it on." my father shoves the previous hot pink halter dress onto my arms, taking the light fuschia off of my hands and placing it back onto the racks. a few moments later i come out with the hot pink dress on, "you've GOT to be kidding." my father winces at the look, while Lily beams over the dress.

"it's perfect!" she beams, "i'm sure the Socialites will look AMAZING as my bridesmaids in this dress." she confidently speaks. she smiles at my father, who manages a small smile the the hideous dress, "i think i'm gonna check on Sammy and Peter." she smiles and slowly walks over to the 2 boys.

i quickly glance at my father, "you know, you're a world renowned designer, people will be judging. i suggest you marry someone who's more stylish for a fashion designer." i go back into the dressing room, hitting my shoulder against my fathers.

my father sighs in frustration, "well i think you look spectacular!" my father lies.

i quickly slip my original dress on and burst out of the dressing room, "a courtesy lie is no courtesy at all." i give my father a cold shoulder, tossing the pink dress at his abdomen. i quickly walk towards the bright green 'EXIT' letters, relieving myself of bridesmaid shopping.

"Oh Addi!" Lily beams from the boys dressing room, "how'd the dress fit?" she asks as i storm out of the store, ignoring her question. she turns to my father, "what was that all about?"

my father sighs once more, "hot pink dresses."


Lily's bridemaid's dress:

semi-crappy story.
btw, the title is actually a real quote from my brother. [:
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