Couture-Designed Tutus The New York City Ballet Costumes by Valentino Showcase Decadent Design
  • Elephant Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume
    Do you have a trunk-ful of spirit?! Ready to have a ton of fun at your next party without having to weigh a ton? The Elephant Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume is the perfect outfit to do it! You will literally be the "elephant in the room" that everyone can't stop talking about! And think of how excited all the kids will be when you do some jumps and graceful pirouettes in your pretty in pink elephant-sized tutu. So grab some peanuts and get ready to have some fun! We all know an elephant never forgets, and you will be totally unforgettable in this costume! Included in this ensemble is the oversized elephant character mascot head with see-through mesh eye covers, attached pink ears, and long trunk for picking up peanuts. Ready to dance? Then slip into the plush jumpsuit with attached super cute pink tutu. Every prima ballerina will be jealous of your frock! Also included are the comfort mittens with hidden openings, and a pair of foot covers, so your sneakers remain hidden! Includes: head, jumpsuit, and foot covers.
  • Giraffe Adult Costume
    Rule the zoo with this animal disguise that transforms even the clumsiest clodhopper into a graceful giraffe. The Giraffe Adult Costume is an adorable and soft take on the lanky jungle favorite. Rise above the animal kingdom in haute couture height! Who knew the tallest mammal on earth could also be so stylish? This clever costume features a mini-dress with detachable clear shoulder straps and three-tiered tutu skirt in hues to coordinate with the giraffe pattern. The patterned bolero jacket is styled to hug shoulders and is topped with a roomy hood which features standing soft ears and horns to top off the tallest animal in the kingdom! Fitted sleeves are elongated to cover top of the hand and attach at fingers for front hoof detailing. This giraffe is all heart! The large applique heart signals love from this gentle giant. Complete the look of long legs with giraffe-patterned boot covers. Includes: tutu dress with detachable clear straps, bolero jacket with hood and boot covers. Does not include: fishnet stockings or acacia leaves for snacking.
  • Marilyn Monroe Deluxe Classic Adult Plus Costume
    Happy Birthday, Mr. President! As Marilyn Monroe's character in The Seven Year Itch stepped onto the subway air vent, she breathily exclaimed, "Oh! Do you think you can feel the breeze from the subway?" From that moment, no one could forget the blonde bombshell with her signature white halter dress flowing around her waist. And so was born an iconic moment in the history of American pop culture. Have your own iconic moment when you arrive at the party in the Marilyn Monroe Deluxe Classic Adult Plus Costume. Accepted as a 20th century goddess and one of the sexiest women who ever lived, Marilyn Monroe's legacy was built on one unforgettable moment. Get ready to step onto the platform for a moment of your own in this homage to classic couture style. Just don't forget cute undergarments if you plan on going near any air vents lest the moment become a little more unforgettable and a lot more classic Monroe than anticipated. Officially licensed by Marilyn Monroe. Includes: Dress. Does not include: Wig, jewelry and shoes.
  • Vixen of Versailles Adult Costume
    Don't just invite Queen Marie Antoinette -- 18th-century France's certified royal party animal -- to your modern-day ball. Be the one and only Madame herself! The ultimate dream of all 18th-century social climbers was to snag an invite to party in the French court of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. Make that royal dream come true with the Vixen of Versailles Adult Costume. The brocade, satin and lace, plus a bit of queenly charm, are enough to make you the star of the night. Relive the glory of Versailles, the French capital of finance, politics and, of course, parties. Let Queen Marie Antoinette show you how by dressing up in the imperial vixen style. The Vixen of Versailles Adult Costume is a high-quality party outfit that reflects class, elegance, and a bit of cattiness. The lovely pink brocade dress has a corseted bodice and a luxurious satin train that falls gracefully on the back. It has a satin underskirt with an attached tulle petticoat that hits just above the knee. The costume also includes a matching bustle bow and a plumed hat. Includes: Dress, Petticoat, Bustle Bow, Hat. Does not include hosiery, jewelry or shoes. As seen on the TBS show, King of the Nerds!
  • Glamorous Goddess Womens Dress Costume
    ‘Eros’ arrow just hit my Achilles heel and I fell for you.’ You know you are a goddess and now you want to show that. Dress like the goddess you are in this Glamorous Goddess Womens Dress Costume. You will look so hot, even Hercules will fall weak in the knees. Sequin mesh and chiffon dress with detachable arm drapes features halter and high/low skirt that will make you look seductive. Ruffled hem gives a flow-y and heavenly appearance that will have you feel divine. Embroidered cuffs and belt gives intricate designs because you have an eye for detail. All goddesses understand the life of luxury and these cuffs and belt will show that. Embroidered crown with jewels makes you look super fancy. And why wouldn’t you? You are a goddess after all and everyone will admire you for the goddess that you are. Matching panty lets you be as free as you want when you show off your skin in this glamorous costume. Includes: sequin mesh and chiffon dress with detachable arm drapes, embroidered cuffs, embroidered crown with jewels, embroidered belt and matching panty. Does not include: jewelry or shoes.
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  • Sexy Snow Queen Womens Dress Costume
    Everyone will want to know how a sexy Snow Queen can look so hot. Regardless of the weather, you are sure to give everyone shivers when they see dressed in this Sexy Snow Queen Womens Dress Costume. No one will be giving you the cold shoulder this Halloween. Blue and white sequin mesh and satin corset with a jeweled broach hugs your body to make you look so sexy. Send chills in everyone when you show up at the party. Skirt with attached petticoat resembles icicles dangling from a mountain on a sunny day. Show off those sexy legs as you skate and glide throughout the night. Faux fur shawl with bead trim and glovettes are so white, they match the snow. Vinyl crown with glitter and jewels will have you feeling like royalty. Wave and smile as everyone admires you and your sexy costume. Includes: sequin mesh and satin corset with a jeweled broach, skirt with attached petticoat, faux fur shawl with beaded trim, glovettes and vinyl crown with glitter and jewels. Does not include: jewelry or shoes.
  • Disney Ursula Adult Costume
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    Villainy has never looked so good! Tired of cutesy princess costumes? Then step out in this Disney Ursula costume as one of the best Disney villains ever. You don't even have to take your minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, in tow -- you're going to enchant the entire party the minute you strut into the room. Stop merfolks and other party guests from finding true love, and make sure you steal the trident and crown from anyone who pretends to be party royalty. Halloween should be dark and fun, and your Disney Ursula costume will make both happen. Being bad has never been so good! Your undersea bad-girl get-up includes a sleek liquid-black faux-corseted dress with pleated purple ribbon trims and a faux emerald on the chest. A stuffed skirt with attached shimmering purple tentacles, caught in mid-writhe, is decked out in sequined embellishments to finish the look. Includes: Dress, Clear Straps. Wig is sold separately. Does not include earrings, gloves or shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product.
  • Jewel of the Nile Elite Adult Costume
    As an Egyptian princess, you'll have pharaohs, kings and princes eating out of your hand! Revel in the intrigue and timeless beauty of Ancient Egypt as the Jewel of the Nile. Your journey takes you back thousands of years, to a time when Ra the Sun God ruled. Dressed as an Egyptian beauty in your Jewel of the Nile Elite Adult Costume, your gracefulness and mystery will capture the eyes of all who dare to approach you. Your gold accessories will prove to the pharaohs that your family is the richest in the land... and perhaps one of them might ask for your hand! The Jewel of the Nile costume will show off your curves with a fitted white gown and elegant gold trim. The attached sheer drape adds a bit of intrigue to your outfit, and the gold belt and headpiece proves your worth. This is a high-quality costume that will keep you looking like the royalty that you are until the party's over, so you won't have to worry about looking like a common laborer by the end of the night. Includes: Gown, belt, and headpiece. Does not include: Wig.
  • Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Costume
    No one's looked this good since a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! This IS the costume you're looking for--don't let any Jedi tell you otherwise. The officially licensed Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Costume is the New Empire standard. The force will be strong with you as you hit the scene in this stunning ensemble. Darth Vader will be pleased you've joined the dark side. When you storm into the party looking to get Leia, you can be sure you won't go home Han Solo. Unsure are you still? Have no fear, this is NOT a trap. Even a protocol droid can see that this costume is everything you could ever desire! The outfit comes with sturdy plastic PVC plating and spandex to fit you into uniform. And the best part about this costume is the Stormtrooper helmet! You won't even have to do your hair! The Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Costume includes jumpsuit with attached molded armor, belt and two-piece mask. Please Note: This is a form fitting costume. If you fall in between sizes you may want to buy the larger size. Also, the helmet is fitted. This is an officially licensed Star Wars costume. See this costume on the runway. Click here!
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  • Crocodile Plush Adult Costume
    Scale up your costume couture with this cuddly crocodile suit! Get ready to give your friends a fright dressed as this rapacious reptile with a monstrous big bite! In the Crocodile Plush Adult Costume you will be a prehistoric predator to be proud of! This is one dinosaur that is hard to ignore, and certainly never a bore. As this sleek social creature you'll be the main feature as you drift down the Nile and flash your crocodile smile! Whether you're in the bayou, the outback, or a downtown club, team up with Dundee in these dashing crocodile duds! Sharpen your claws then strap on these jaws and wave those webbed feet 'cause a crocodile has to eat! Whether you're looking to scare a few friends or give a lesson on conservation, you'll find what you need in the Crocodile Plush Adult Costume. Costume includes spiky headpiece and plush green jumpsuit with attached hands and shoe covers. A scary reptile has never looked so cute! Includes: jumpsuit and headpiece. Whether lying in wait or heading out for a date, get ready to emerge from a life aquatic in a most compelling way!
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  • Pirate's Wench Elite Collection Adult Costume
    Party like the pirate wench you've always longed to be! Sure, you've probably seen your share of pirate wenches at parties recently, but as any Jack Sparrow worth his salt will tell you, the right clothes can catapult a pirate wench into becoming the queen of the high seas. With this high-quality Pirate's Wench Elite Collection Adult Costume, you'll stand apart from the rest of the fray, and show the rest of those wenches up as the landlubbers they really are. They might even think that you were an extra in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; so start practicing your celebrity signature now, because you just might need it. This elite pirate wench costume features a fully-finished, mid-length dress crafted from ruby red crushed panne and white satin. It's accented with ruffled lace cuffs, a tulle petticoat and a quality black vinyl vest trimmed in gold braid. The outfit comes complete with a sexy black and white striped bandana and waist sash, and is topped off with a bit of pirate booty -- a jeweled velvet choker. Includes: dress, vest, petticoat, sash, bandana, and choker. Boots sold separately.
  • Pac-Man Pinky Deluxe Adult Costume
    Waka, waka, waka, wonderful! Why settle for a boring white sheet when you can be the ghost-ess with the most-ess in this Pac-Man Pinky Deluxe Adult Costume? Superfast, supercute, and determined to catch up with that speedy yellow pellet-munch, Pinky is the ultimate pixellated superstar. Familiar from childhoods everywhere, Pinky is now making a seriously nostalgic comeback. Ms. Pac-Man might have gotten an entire game named after her, but insiders know it's really Pinky's world and we're all just living in it. Like a hungry Pac-Man in search of plain white pellets and the occasional cherry delight, this costume is in relentless pursuit of the cute and cool. Wear over plain black leggings, or spice up Pinky's look -- those eyes are up to something! -- with something a little risque? Whether you're a Pac-Man fan or just enjoy some hipster-style haute couture, you're certain to get your ghostly hands on Pac-Man...or any other prey in your path. Includes: Bodysuit. Does not include: Leggings, Gloves, Shoes or Undershirt. The Blinky bodysuit is an officially licensed Pac-Man costume.
  • Steampunk Vicky Adult Costume
    Extra! Extra! Fire up your gas lamps and read all about this fantastic regalia straight from the retro-future. The Steampunk Vicky Costume will gain your entree into the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen. The inventive ensemble comes complete with white ruffled top, steampunk brown jacket, matching skirt with cagey petticoat, and a corset belt. Ladies, power up your steam-driven, piston-pumped, external-combustion engines, and don't hesitate to "mod" your togs with goggles, hats, hairpieces, gears, and brass bits and bobs -- perhaps even a walking stick. And why not sidle up to an extraordinary Steampunk Gentleman for an inspiring match made in steampunk heaven. The time is nigh. Victorian-inspired with a touch of cowgirl, this outfit transports you through time to an Old West that could have been, where airships roamed the skies. The beguiling get-up features a white top with a ruffled, plunging V-neck and a fitted brown jacket with puff sleeves. A cage-style black petticoat asserts itself from beneath the loose-pleated brown skirt, and a faux leather black corset belt reins it all in. Includes: Top, jacket, skirt, belt. Does not include: Goggles, stockings, or shoes. As seen on the TBS show, King of the Nerds!
  • Egyptian Jewel Adult Costume
    Become an Egyptian queen (and steal Marc Antony's pining heart) in this beguiling outfit suited for fashion royalty. In this bold Egyptian Jewel Adult Costume, you can choose to be the beautiful Queen of the Nile and rule over Halloween in a dramatic flair. Have you noticed? Cleopatra's dramatic fashion sense never seems to go out of style. Her timeless and renowned look remains one of the only ancient artifacts built to last and is the original haute couture. Centuries after her death, her name is still famous. You'll own the room in this classy, powerful, sultry and oh-so-dramatic ensemble! Let them know that you are the queen of queens this Halloween. The Queen of the Nile has got quite some style! This striking Egyptian Jewel Adult Costume reigns supreme with elegance. The outfit includes a long, turquoise velvet dress with intricate details on the skirt and attached flowing organza. This alluring yet regal ensemble is completed by the stylized bird collar, opulent gold belt and sequin headpiece. Includes: dress, collar, headpiece, belt. Does not include: shoes.
  • Women's Topshop Floppy Wool Felt Hat
    Add a touch of eclectic boho style to your look with a floppy, wide-brimmed felt hat. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name: Topshop Floppy Wool Felt Hat. Style Number: 851208.
  • Dumb and Dumber Harry Dunne Adult Tuxedo Dress
    Perfect for you next long road trip, blind date, or formal benefit. Don't lack for style! Get instantly classy and sophisticated with the Dumb and Dumber Harry Dunne Adult Tuxedo Dress. The hat, bow tie, jacket and skirt combo will make your next costume gathering a no-brainer! Get those old fashioned romantic feelings going in the height of formal attire with this powder-blue two-piece suit with matching accessories. The mini top hat with satiny band easily perches at a jaunty angle, not unlike a very old parakeet. The fitted tuxedo-style jacket pullover features a ruffled white bodice inlay with powder-blue edging. The satiny collar sits atop flared lapels. The long sleeves have blue-edged white ruffle cuff inlays. The ballerina-style mini skirt hangs in soft folds from a fitted waistband that completely tucks under pullover. The perky blue satin bow tie on the white collar band completes your formal look. Includes: hat, bow tie, pullover jacket, skirt. Does not include: wig, shoes. This is an officially licensed Dumb and Dumber costume.
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  • REI Wide Brim Floppy Felt Hat
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    Trying to escape the sun? The REI Wide Brim Floppy Felt hat offers plenty of shade and a style that's fit for urban wandering or a picnic by the lake.
  • Heavenly Radiant Angel Womens Dress Costume
    Did it hurt when you fell down from Heaven? You won’t need an angel and a devil arguing on your shoulders to decide what you want to dress up as for Halloween. In a room full of devils and monsters, bring light and divinity as you grace the party (and dismiss corny pick-up lines) wearing this Heavenly Radiant Angel Costume, complete with dress, detachable feather epaulettes and drapes, wings and halo. White babydoll dress shows that even angels can look sexy. Gold trim and belt accent gives the ultimate divine appearance that will have you glowing with radiance. Detachable feather epaulettes and drapes makes you look like a vision. Look like you are spreading light to the world! No angel is complete without the wings and halo so everyone sees you are a spirit. You are just an angel! Want your friends to join the good side? Have them check out BuyCostumes for a variety of angel (and devil) costumes that will have them shining as bright as light! Includes: dress, detachable feather epaulettes and drapes, wings and halo. Does not include: shoes.
  • Piers Atkinson Crystal Embellished Felt Hat
    Cream white crystal embellished felt hat from Piers Atkinson.
  • Plug & Socket Couples Set Adult Plus Costume
    Show the world that you still have that certain "spark" in your relationship! The Plug and Socket Couples Set Adult Plus Costume is the perfect way to display your affection for each other and get some laughs! Wearing this costume will show that you and your partner are the perfect fit. The plug costume "plugs into" the socket costume to make this clever concept even more interactive. Shock your friends with this great get up! Flip a coin or simply grab your favorite part of this plugged-in pair of costumes. A traditional white plug with metallic gold prongs is worn around the waist with a cord you can drape playfully around your neck, making up the first part of this couples costume. The sassy socket costume is a black shift with two silver sockets. The bottom socket has pockets so that your partner can plug in for a quick charge. Flirtatious innuendos will flow at high volts when donning this dynamic duo costume. Shockingly sassy while completely appropriate for partying with the kids, this is sure to be a hit at any costumed event. Pants and shirts not included.
  • Filù Hats Konocti Tuscan Hat
    Natural straw konocti tuscan hat from Filù Hats featuring a tie dye grosgrain ribbon and wide bill. Circumference measures 22", bill measures 5".
  • Policeman Party Costume
    Brand from Taiwan: BEAUTY PLAN. Color: Army Green, Materials: Polyester, Size: One Size: Total Length: 62cm / 24.4", Bust: 76cm / 29.9", Waist: 86cm / 33.9", Hem Width: 44cm / 17.3", Shoulder Width: 40cm / 15.7", Sleeve Length: 25cm / 9.8", Total Length: 31cm / 12.2", Skirt Waist: 58cm / 22.8", Skirt Hem Width: 55cm / 21.7", Care: Hand Wash
  • Filù Hats Tambora Tuscan Hat
    Natural straw tambora tuscan hat from Filù Hats featuring a blue and tan striped grosgrain ribbon, and wide brim. Brim measures 5".
  • Giggles The Clown Adult Plus Costume
    The best in clown couture is here to bring a smile to your face! Check out this fun costume that's straight out of the three-ring circus. The Giggles the Clown Adult Plus Costume makes it easy to channel the whimsy of a childhood day at the circus. Every day really can be like a day at the big-top when you put on this fun and whimsical Giggles the Clown dress with bloomers, shoe covers, and scrunchies. The fun starts when you put on the Giggles multi-colored polka dot dress, featuring a ruffled collar and comical pom-pom buttons. Pull your hair (or a fun wig - not included) into a pair of hair scrunchies, slip on the cute white bloomers with rainbow trim, and slide your feet into matching polka dot shoe covers. Includes: Dress, Bloomers, Scrunchies, Shoe Covers. Wig, make-up, and costume gloves are not included. Team Giggles up with Stretchy the Clown and your other big-top favorites and have a blast with your family as you host your own personal circus!
  • Barbara Habig Sophie Hat
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    Petrol rabbit felt 'Sophie' hat from Barbara Habig featuring an angled brim and a domed crown.
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