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{ - - єℓєgαηcє ιѕ єтєяηαℓ вєαυту. - - }
• full name: vivienne lilith edenbrae
• nickname: coco. only known as coco. thats like , her eternal fashion name.
• nationalities: australian. french. canadian.
• αnniversαire et ℓ'âge: s e v e n t e e n - october the ninth
{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }
• expérience modèℓe: givenchy + marc jacobs
• styℓe de ℓα mode: branded b e e - you - ti - ful , coco's style is a vintage and preppy girly rich sense of style. pink, purple. blue, silver, givency && elegant. as long as its elegant, darls.
• αppαrence générαℓe
{ abbey lee kershaw }
who could explain this beauty? elegance - eternal. crystal ocean blue eyes with fluttering dark brown eyelashes naturally long and beautiful. chestnut honey golden hair smooth and mid long - slim and fit of a perfect body and 5'6" , tall and fit with glowing tan skin of an oval, bony face of melon luscious pink lips naturally, darling, and no exceptions, this girl is the lovely elegant eternal stylish fit waist and perfect body - lovely, i might add, and too good for the camera. soy smooth chestnut golden hair tan glowing slim fit body and luscious melon lips - you'll cry you don't look as good.
• personnαℓité descriptive
ah, the splendid && elegant coco. lets see, coco is a socialite. a quite mean to anyone with her flaming temper under pressure or insults. she can cause a drama scene in le flutter of her gold brown lashes and will seek revenge on those who do not want her presence. she's a little girly elegant princess of a girl and will use sarcasm just to ruin your entire day. she'll do that, and feel nothing at all, just because she has a touch of dislike in you. although of her cruelness, elegance is her purr-fect material. anyone who has bad manners, can say their final goodbye to life, coco absolutely H A T E S bad manners or inelegance. as i was saying, all of her cruelness, isn't a daily occurrence in her life. she's passionate of beauty and for her six inch heels to be step foot on that runway.
• intérêts / αime / tαℓents:
♥ + fashion. beauty. elegance. pink. paris. fairytale balls. reading.
// + inelegance. weakness. video games. gamers. guy gamers. girl gamers. irritation.

• biogrαphie
coco was born to alessandra, a high-fashion elegant model and rodney, a british co-producer. she grew up with her parents always out of the house, mother usually rehearsing for the next big show in the model industry and father working in meetings and on a big movie set. coco was extremely kind to the maid & butler, doing her own work. this isn't much like coco, but she'd do anything for her parents to stay home and just have a normal conversation or an evening out with them both and the family without hearing a "ok sweetie, yup, sure, ok, fine, gotta go, got thousands of dollars waiting for meh!" at the end of the conversation on the way out the door. that was something her dad always said to her; although he loved her, there would always be that time he had to leave. the time he'd get back was around six o' clock, where he headed to a meeting straight after. mom would get home around nine o' clock, always heading out with her supermodel friends straight after work. coco would be asleep during this time when her mother came back, and never got to see her dad in the day besides when in the morning about 4 o' clock and her mother about six. coco's siblings didn't mind, they were too young to care. they always had been playing a board game with the maid or playing tag with the butler since coco gave them some time off while she did the work to save time. like coco's mother, coco loved seeing the happy faces on her younger siblings.
continuation in other collection. xo

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