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Curse of Vengeance

I was waiting for the rich family of Dubois to leave their ridicoulsy big mansion in the countryside. Everone on town were talking about their trip to the kingdom of Scarlet for Queen Alyss' coronation. Not the perfect move for all the thieves around the zone.

I had thought about it all he time recently. But I had to. The time has comen, I saw the pompous carriage leaving the mansion. I could see the feather of the hats even from here where I was hiding on the bushes. Ridicoulus. 

With some agile moves I climbed over the gate, I run through the gardens. The windows at the low ground were really low and not the best in security. I quickly went inside, looking carefully before trepassing every corner. I walked over somegold frames that could have allowed me to eat for all my life, but these weren't what I was looking for.


I turned looking at the woman standing behin of me. She was holding a silver tray with, I suppose, the last tea before the trip. "Sheila" I said hugging her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked surprised.

"I'm here to take you away from here, you can come back to your family in our clan now" I said with a big wide smile.

"You can't stay here,don't be a fool, the guards are all over" she kept saying worried.

"Oh please you know, there's no guard alive that can trick me" I smirkedand gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"My dear, I care about you but-" she shut up, "come on, you've to hide here" she said pulling me in a wardrobe, "and don't say any words" she cut in as I was about to reply.

I followed her 'orders' because I herd footsteps too. "Madame". I couldn't believe he was here, "you have to excuse my presence here, but the family left the house without giving me what it belongs to me"

"That's no problem with that, Monsieur Frollo", i could feel Sheila's fear from her voice, "what are you looking for exactly, may I ask?" she said.

"Darling, I'm actually lookig for you" I couldn't see anything but I was betting he was smirking.

"Pardon me sir?"

"Well, maybe the Dubois family doesn't care of your 'origins' but I do. And a gipsy working for one of the most rich family in the city isn't actually what i can say... the best decision"

"I-I worked here from two years and I've never did anything wrong, monsieur" she was about to cry.

"But no one can assure me that thing swill stay liek this forever". Sheila didn't reply, "Take her" Frollo added snapping his hand.

"No you can't!!" I yelled as I stepped outside the wardrobe, "she's a poor woman without any fault"

Frollo stared at me, like Sheila and all the guards, "See" he laughed, "they're really like cockroaches, they even live in the furnitures now". I knew it was an offense, but I just realised how exposed I was now. "Take the girl too"


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