Covenant to Curves

Promise to love your curves with a bunch of cute outfits, tips, and tricks for showing them off (and showing your love for yours)!
  • Curvy Fashion Tips
    "1. Don't Hide!
    2. Don't Squeeze!
    3. Branch Out!
    4. Don't Waste The Waist!
    5. Don't Worry, Be Happy!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Top Choices
    "Stylish "top" choices to show off a curvy waist! From crops to belts and from formal to flirty!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Full Dark
    "All one color? A nice simple choice for bringing attention to curves!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Wild Side
    "A little bit of sexy? I think yes." — @valeria-rosa
  • Embracing the Curves
    "Cute, sweet dresses with unique patterns can be beautifully flattering!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Curves
    "A short, dark dress and pop-out accessories is a simply sweet way to shine light on curves!" — @valeria-rosa
  • She's like the Wind...
    "For a fancy event, doll yourself up with a dress that hugs you in all the right spots." — @valeria-rosa
  • Dangerous Curves!!!
    "A bit of a sexy chic look is very acceptable!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Classy Curves
    "Pencil skirts and belted shirts make showing off curves fun and flexible!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Aqua Curves
    "Cinched waistlines are just beatiful for a fancy night out." — @valeria-rosa
  • Event Ready
    "High waists in fun colors brighten any day." — @valeria-rosa
  • Flaunt
    "For a day at the beach or boardwalk, dress it down a bit with a sweet tropical crop!" — @valeria-rosa
  • curves
    "Shirts like this are fabulous - an edgy addition to plain old tight tops!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Lilac passion
    "Shed your dark colors and delve into pastels for the summer! Especially with a cute little crop and nice-fitting capris!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Curvy Summer
    "Show off your summer mindset with bright colors that agree with your curves, like a sweet one-piece!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Killer curves needed!
    "Again, don't lose your waist in a paper-bag dress - pull it together with a cute dress like this one!" — @valeria-rosa
  • Colorful & Curvy
    "High waists are a simply beautiful fit that can bring your curves anywhere, from elegant to flirty!" — @valeria-rosa

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