New idea~

Harry Styles; 18, famous and loving life. Nothing could have gotten better until that one day in sunny California. When the studios in London were all booked One Direction had no choice but to come to LA to record. Fans were crazier than ever, sun was burning; life was nuts. Then that one accidental meeting in an everyday movie store changed his life forever.

Taylor Swift; 22, gorgeous, oh and blonde. She just released 'Red' which became a big hit. All fans worshiped her, loving everything she did. But all she could think about was that adorable, cheeky, curly haired boy back at the Kids Choice Awards. What was his name? Oh, Harry Styles. She liked him, a little too much. The love candle inside her was set aflame with desire and the only goal she wanted more, was to get that kid, that curly haired kid to be hers.

Jenny; Short, insecure, ridiculous. She loved One Direction, but didn't want to get her hopes up. With school weighing down on her, fake friends, and tickets to their concert on her mind, she couldn't take anymore pressure. She needed a break from it all, so a movie was suffice. What she didn't know, however, was that this particular day in a movie store in downtown LA, would change her life forever.

- -

Just an idea, but I hope I will be able to write it!

@scary66 don't kill me, please


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