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Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding

Ahhh so this weekend has actually been pretty awesome, way better than I expected! If you care to hear about my weekend, read on :)
So Friday was frickin freezing and insanely windy outside, but other than that it was awesome! The previous set explains Friday cause well it was Friday when I made it :P Aha I got 100% on my first math test Then OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO AWESOME :):):):):) So during the day, Rachel and I were gonna go to Target because we needed to get some stuff. So I was waiting for her in the lobby of our dorm building and as we left this guy in front of us held the door as he was leaving (his back was towards us) and I thought, he looks kinda like Luke! Then he held the other door for us (there's two doors) and he turned around and it was Luke!!!! :D And so usually when I'm around Luke with other people he won't even look at me, but he actually looked at me and talked to me (and Rachel) but yeah we actually made eye contact and I wasn't awkward!!! We actually had a good (but short) conversation!! :D So yeah that made me happy :) Then that night my parents picked me up and took me out to eat!!! That was super nice.
Then on Saturday (yesterday), my family came to campus (it was family weekend) and we watched the football game! I think we ended up winning something like 28-14! So that was really fun. Then we went out to eat! After my family left I hung out with my friends Lauren and Alex. Ok so here's my mini dilemma... I mean it's not actually a dilemma but idk.. so anyway I was in Alex's dorm (we were doing homework together before Lauren got there) and he went to go get water for easy mac or something... so I was alone in his room working on my homework, and suddenly our friend Eric (who lives down the hall from him) opened the door and was just like "HI ELLEN!" Ahhh idk why but that just made me really happy! Idk. But so then we talked and stuff, and my psychology book was open cause that was what I was working on and he said that our eyes actually see things upside down, and he explained it to me (the book was open to the vision chapter) cause his mom is an eye doctor. That was really cool, and then he was kinda flirting with me (but he has a gf in a different state, I think that's just his personality though) and I said how I really like psychology and he asked if it was my major and I said maybe probably yeah I think so, and he was like "That's cool, my girlfriend is a psychology major too" so yeah that was kinda flirty, I guess you had to be there. But anyway he started messing around with Alex's mini vacuum and it was fun, but then Alex got back and Lauren showed up so we all hung out, then Eric left. So then Alex, Lauren, and I went to karaoke night and Lauren and I decided to sing a song! (Keep in mind, I'm actually a terrible singer, and Lauren has an amazing voice, but I didn't really care cause I mean it's karaoke you aren't supposed to be good!) So we got up there to sing and right before we got up, Eric and his friends showed up!! Oh my gosh my singing was horrible haha but it was super fun, Then when we finished Eric came up to our table and was like "fantastic job ladies" and then he and his friends left. Then later at night Lauren, Alex and I were in Alex's room again and we decided to go back to high school and play truth or dare... and I got dared to knock on Eric's door and tell him that I talk during movies (because once in all my awkwardness I told Luke that I talk during movies... not one of my better moments) but I was too nervous but I eventually knocked on his door and he didn't answer, so I left. But then he suddenly opened his door and looked into the hall and Lauren & Alex pushed me toward him and was like "SHE HAS SOMETHING TO SAYYY!" Oh my gosh it was so awkward. Hahaha but yeah anyway my little dilemma is that I might kinda maybe sorta like him? But I really don't know because I haven't hung out with him a whole lot. And he has a girlfriend. That's a problem.
Then today has been good, I got my two papers done with!! And I got to see my uncle running in a race. And DUDE so I was in the library with my friends and I went to go print off my paper, and when I got back to the second level where we were working, my friends were like "ELLEN LOOK OVER THERE!" Yeah Luke was sitting two tables down from us! Apparently he got there while I was printing my paper :/ Of course. But still, it was good to see him :)
So yeah that's been my awesome weekend so far! Tonight I think I'm gonna get dinner with my friend Ryanne and then go get free sweatshirts with my other friends!! So yeah. Hope you all are having a good weekend too!!
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