Shopping here was a real pleasure! England has very strict regulations for organic food and are big on natural ingredients for health, skin, and cosmetic products. Parmelia especially enjoyed the aromatherapy shop where she bought lavender products for all her friends in the States - across the pond!

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Wrote 4 years ago
Thank you all, Ladies, for your lovely comments!

Wrote 4 years ago
♥ Amazing set! ♥

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I love the tote with the saying, until I saw the price. That's just crazy!!! I thought the food was better over in England. I've been trying to change the way we eat, my fiance isn't being the most helpful. But as a pretty typical American, what we put in our bodies is gross.
@blessingfan13 @kateolive if it makes you to feel better, I'm pretty sure I'm only making one set for Memphis, unless I end up with free time after I'm finished Oxford.

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Oooo - lavender products! How lovely - lavender is my absolutely favorite scent (I'm not a huge fan of perfume but hand me anything lavender & I'll splash it &/or tuck it everywhere). And I ADORE this outfit, especially the bangles. The piled multi colored bracelets are one summer trend I don't want to end. It is so fun & so marvelously easy to add color to any outfit. Of course, I've been doing that with bracelets for years - it's just I love seeing all the variations popping up to refresh how I wear what I have (& I just bought oodles of large seed beads so I can string up masses of stretch bracelets in all sorts of colors - I'll be making lots of ones in single colors to wear together as well as some in mixed colors ala your pile of bangles).

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Wow, I am SOOOOO far behind all of you! I need to start focusing on the Oxford trip more and get busy making sets!

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Oh wonderful, including the dialogue! Now I'm feeling far and away behind...

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