Cowgirls and Horses for Adoption

Last Chance Corral and other rescue sites the horses featured in the sets and the fashions are from several places, but mostly CrowsNest Trading. com. Just click on the sets to see the items and click on them to go to the site.

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Wrote 4 years ago
Actually like you I have been searching all around and I saw a rather large area for a farm, but it will take a very large lottery win to get it and sustain it so I have been getting pictures to put on hoping to help those with farms a friend kind of in Ohio has these and some of her babies that are up for adoption and I was thinking about having a fashion show and contest to help raise money for the farms. Thanks for the comments I appreciate the enthusiasm.

Wrote 4 years ago
Oh my, my I think I have died and gone to heaven, so many sets with horses!!! Where is your Farm? I wish I could take all your darlings that you have up for adoption but I live up in Canada, I have the land but alas not the money. We play the lottery every week so if I win, you will be the first to know!


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