Performance by Twice-TT@MBC year end festival.

*little rant*
I don't really not into any new kpop bands much these days.beside precious bands it's only blackpink that i like for rookie.
sometimes i want to share/talk with ppl on k-broads(navar,nate,pann) however there're always dramas idk since when i stop looking up to insider info on those broads.
note*i do agree with k-netizen in some points* 
few days ago i went to stop by for short time.
oh my like 101 dramas O___O
well talking about Twice i do feel sorry to young girls i dont understand why they got so much hat.es i've the same feeling that i want to pay attention to their works is not because of their music but as older fan,older sister.
looking to sth fluff these days can killing my tiresome.
oh my i telling myself if i see someone badmout.h about Sana i will jumping on boat and join heat up discussion.
no not Sana the girl is too soft plus she is Japanese in Kpop that hard to her enough.
up till now i dont see any negative about Sana yet.
i just dont see it not mean there's no any negative.

moreover,i want to say that my boy Harry like a song TT so much when TT playing he is automatic meowing and wake up from "i will sleeping all day for no matter what"
i like TT because my Harry like it haha<3

And Happy Birthday to lovely Sana Dec,28 turning 20 y/o on this year.

*Kpop ppl on PV... I cannot find a group JYP that i ever joined since long time ago,who run that group? why i cannot find it these days*

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