♔ Evelyn “Evie” Fontaine
- the one who has had to grow up quickly.
Age; 31
Bio; Growing up as an only child, Evie has never had to think about anyone else and puts herself first; not that she’s selfish though. With a thriving career in journalism and a hectic social life, Evie is constantly on the go and having fun, but when she got the phone call to say her mother was killed in a car accident, her life slowly began to come undone. Faced with the fact that she is now in charge of her younger sister, Evie is panicking and finding her life is more complicated than ever with her demanding career on the rise, a determined ex who wants to be back in her life and a teenager in the mix. Will Evie be able to cope with the pressure or will she crumble under her new found responsibilities looking after someone other than herself?
Status; she’s not quite sure.
Life quote; Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
Looks; Rachel McAdams

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