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harlow everhart

The package was addressed to me.

I had realized that when I got home that night, but I couldn't bring myself to open it. It wasn't until now, about a week later, that I got the courage to open it up. I sat on my bed, still in my pajamas and bedhead, and stared at the cardboard box. 

It wasn't that large; it was almost the size of a shoe box. Taking a deep breath, I took a hold of scissors and cut it open. As I pulled apart the flaps, I took a peek inside. All that there was were memories. Memories that were flooding back into my mind just from taking a peek.

I grabbed the first thing I saw: a picture frame. In it was a photo of Henry and I at one of his gigs back in California. I smiled to myself, remembering that night. It was our first date and though I had already seen him perform, it was like I was seeing him for the first time all over again. It was that night I knew that we had something special.

I put down the frame and continued to look through the box. There was an old sweatshirt of his that I used to wear whenever I visited him; a pack of our favorite gummy worms from a local candy shop; a Coachella t-shirt from the first time we went together; and a stuffed bear that he won for me at a fair. 

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the mementos in front of me. “He has some nerve,” I mumbled to myself. I glanced over at my phone and grabbed it, redialing the same number from last night.

After two rings, I heard his voice. “Come to a bonfire tonight,” I said to him, trying my best to sound stern. I sighed and felt myself soften up, “I want to see you.”

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Frankie asked me as we walked along the beach shore. 

I glanced at her and looked back down at my shoes. "Yeah, I guess."

She sighed. "Are you sure?"

I stopped walking and faced her. "Frankie, you're contradicting yourself. Just a few days ago you were all about fate leading us on and now you're uncertain if we should even spend time together!" 

She opened her mouth to speak but I cut her off. "And don't you believe that you could get away with giving him my number. How else do you think he got it?"

She snorted and crossed her arms. "Through his obsessive stalking skills. I'm just trying to speak to you the same way you speak to yourself."

I sighed heavily. "I'm so done with this conversation."

"Okay, whatever. Leave it as that then," She mumbled and began to walk away.

"Frankie," I groaned. "Don't get mad. I was just saying..." I began to walk after her.

She shrugged and uncrossed her arms. "No, I get it. Now come on, I need a beer."

We managed to find our way to the Fourth of July gathering our friends were hosting. Frankie and I grabbed a beer and mingled among others. As I was standing around by myself after getting another drink, I made eye contact with a pair of bold brown eyes. 

The guy stared at me from across the bonfire; his posture became straighter and a smirk formed upon his lips. I smiled back, but before I could approach him someone grabbed my hand.

I turned around and made contact with Henry. He grinned at me, his lights lighting up at the sight of me. "Hello beautiful," He greeted me.

I gave him a small smile. "Hi there." I pointed to the shore. "Let's take a walk."

We headed towards the water and I stepped into it, walking along it. We stayed quiet as we began to distance ourselves from the party. "So I assume you finally delivered the package?" I heard him ask. 

I looked up at him. "Why?"

He glanced at me, then stared straight ahead. "I found everything and I got the sudden urge to find you. To at least try to win your heart again."

I sighed. "Henry, you know why we broke up..."

He stopped walking and stood himself in front of me. "Harlow, I've changed now. It's almost been two years. Two years is a long time for change."

"Yes, two years is a long time. But two years is a hell of a long time, so why now?" 

He sighed. "Cause it took me all this time to realize what I've lost, and yes I'm an idiot for that but I'm here now."

I covered my face with my hands and groaned. "This is so frustrating," I said.

Henry took a hold of my wrists and began to pull me towards him. "It doesn't have to be," He whispered.

He leaned in and our foreheads touched. "Henry..." I whispered. He hushed me by placing his lips onto mine and I swear, I felt that sudden spark I used to feel when we used to kiss.

It wasn't too long when he pulled away from me and we began to run away. I wasn't sure where we were going, but it somehow felt right at that given moment. He led me into a shack and we managed to fit inside. We laughed at how small it was; we were pressing onto each other, our chests rising and falling together with every breath.

Our lips met once again and I felt his hands travel under my dress. I pulled away quickly and stopped his hand. "I don't know about this," I told him despite what I was just feeling.

He smiled. "Just trust me."

And so I did.
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