This isn't a very difficult DIY, and I know I'm not the only clumsy one out there, so I decided to tell you girls how to do it. 

-Cracked iPhone 4/4S
-Highlighters or Nail Polish in various colors.
-Paper Towel
-Clear Nail Polish or Packing Tape.

1) Clean the back of the iPhone to make sure it isn't dirty.
2) Use the color (whether it is the nail polish or the highlighter) and trace the cracks of the screen.
3) Before it dries, use the paper towel to wipe away the excess, leaving the stained look.
4) Repeat steps 2&3 with different colors until you have the look you like. 
5) Use the clear nail polish or the packing tape to seal off the back of the phone, so that the glass won't hurt you, and the color will stay longer.

-The more times you do step 3&4, on a single area, the darker the color will be.
-The top picture, with the blue border is done with highlighter.
-The bottom picture, pink border, was done with nail polish.
-Please don't break your iPhone just because you think this looks cool.
-Also, make sure the screen works before you do this.
-This obviously works best with WHITE iPhones.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this cheap& cute tip. 
@ginaheartscupcakes ♡

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Wrote three years ago
I did this like a long time ago and i love it (:

Wrote three years ago
The back of my iPhone just cracked(clumsy me), this is the perfect 'fix'! Thank you for posting! ♥

Wrote three years ago
@americandreams01 i saw it on facebook, and did some research. lol. that's where i clipped the girl holding the phone from. (no, i don't know her. xD)

Wrote three years ago
Lol,Uhm.I think I was just browsing through We heart It or something. ^^ How did you find out about it? (: Curious too. :P. But when I saw it I loved,too bad I don't have an iPhone! ):. Ah well!.


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