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  • Antique 19th Century Chinoiserie Lacquered Box
    Antique 19th Century Chinoiserie Lacquered Box
    This is an antique, 19th Century, chinoiserie lacquered box, made between 1862 and 1875 during the Ch'ing Dynasty (Tung Chin). It features an offering scene on the lid with floral and Greek key frieze accents. It has an accompanying Certificate of Antiquity from the Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association. It is made out of wood and does not possess marker's marks.
  • Natural Colored Handmade Oaxacan Basket
    Natural Colored Handmade Oaxacan Basket
    Handmade, lidded palm basket from Oaxaca, Mexico. Natural palm fiber is dyed then hand woven into a stunning piece, perfect for unique storage. These baskets, made by a group of women weavers in Southern Mexico, continue a long tradition of basket weaving in the region. Once comprising the economic base for many towns in the state of Oaxaca, basket weaving had become an undervalued craft in modern times. Territory is working to preserve and uplift this ancient art by supporting and promoting the women and communities that continue this technique; giving recognition and new value to this beautiful tradition. These palm baskets are beautiful statement pieces and also good for lightweight storage. We love storing clothes, napkins and towels in ours! They are sturdy but lightweight and malleable.
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