This "Lap of Luxury" Group has the most stylish and sophisticated setmakers in Polyvore
Land. I want to see THE BEST OF THE BEST of your sets. That's right only THE CREAM
OF THE CROP!!!!!!!!

[1 Week~12 Winners~3 Limit]

Set #1~~~> Your Most Fav'd/Liked Set

Set #2~~~> Set With Most Contest Wins

Set #3~~~> Set With Most Comments

*Alternate Set ~~~> Set With Most Views

(*use as a subsitute entry in place of one of the above if you prefer)

Here's my Cream of the Crop Sets~~~>

My Set #1:

My Set #2:

My Set #3:

My Alternate Set:

Now I want to see YOUR Cream of the Crop sets~~~>

Created by divashyne. Created in Trending Now. 91 sets from 34 members. Ended 6 years ago.