Creative Corner's 1st Place Contest Winners

1st Place Winner in our "Music and Melody" Contest
  • Unlock the Flowers
    "This set won our "Minty Fresh" contest and it was simply divine! I asked for a summery, fresh look and this one was perfect! So soft and romantic and just beautiful!! Loved it!" — @tlc2012
  • architects today
    "This set won our "Just a hint of..." contest and it was so creatively put together that I couldn't stop looking at it. All of the different shades of silver matches with the hints of minty blue and smallest touch of light pink just was so beautiful!" — @tlc2012
  • Happy Hour!
    "This set won our "Happy Hour" contest and the red was brilliant and bold and matched perfectly to the crystal glasses used in the set. You could definitely see how this outfit would fit in any Happy Hour!" — @tlc2012
  • Urban Print
    "This set won our "Urban Print" contest! I loved the softness of the cashmere sweater matched with the roughness of the boots and hardness of the stool added for effect. I especially loved the color choice,,,a soft green but with plenty of "edge"!" — @tlc2012
  • Christian Dior Midnight Blue Gown
    "The set won 1st place in our "Nightscapes" contest. I love how the artist choose to put the set together in an abstract way. I loved the perfect color match of the dress' fabric and the night time sky. The moon and sparkle added to it made the set!" — @tlc2012
  • Untitled #35
    "This set won our "Chocolate Creations" contest and it was a divine winner! If you look closely you can see how well the trimming on the dress matches the shape and style of the cookies. The brick wall as a frame was a perfect addition!" — @tlc2012
  • love in red
    "This set won our "Lingerie on the Runway" contest and such a hot and fiery set! The use of the deep red and black and the addition of the hand drawn model really made the set pop! So creative!" — @tlc2012
  • color experiments
    "I love this set and how well the color combo created such an explosion of chevron to highlight the entire set!! The way the chevron was presented was a modern version and I simply loved it!" — @tlc2012
  • #541
    "This set won our "Color Pop!" contest. The artist chose brown as the color to pop in her picture and she also chose the perfect dress to do so. With the dress's nature black trimming, it appeared as if color pop photography had actually been used!" — @tlc2012
  • Colorful Delight
    "This set won our "Are you Angie or Jenny" contest. This artist was a Jenny and she captured Jennifer's classic good nature with colorful pieces and fun bows and added flowers to set the perfect mood for the set. I am certain Jennifer would love it!" — @tlc2012
  • McQueen Stage Beauty...
    "This set won our "Totally Nude" contest. The artist choose the perfect gown to highlight the allure of nudity and softness and then added special effects to make the set pop off of the page! It was a masterpiece!" — @tlc2012
  • CCBB Auditions
    "This set won our "Pastels with Power" contest & how well it captured the heart of the theme. The artist took a vibrant picture of a beautiful model and made the set fit around her. She added an edgy belt to make the pastel dress pop out of the page!" — @tlc2012
  • Lime
    "This set won first place in our "The Pant Suit" contest! The color explosion was divine and awe inspiring! The modern take of a classic design was creative and beautiful! I loved the electric blue pants that worked so well with the outfit! Perfection!" — @tlc2012
  • Tulips in New York
    "This set won our "New York City" contest and WOW! what a set! Every piece was perfectly put together to fit a theme and was masterfully executed! The color and style of the whole set plays so well together. A first place winner for sure!" — @tlc2012
  • HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!
    "This set won our "My First, My Best & My Latest" contest. This set was as stunning and bold and colorful take on floral chic. I loved the model's hair and it looked soft and formal even as purple! The outfit was coordinated perfectly and was amazing!" — @tlc2012
  • Pretty as a Picture
    "This set won 1st place in our "Featured Item" contest & it was a work of art! The artist took her inspiration of the model & created a modern vintage look that was to die for. The soft pink mixed with roses & Victorian modern outfit made a perfect set!" — @tlc2012
  • Golden Amber
    "This set won 1st place in our "24 Karat" contest and it was a golden masterpiece! The model choice was perfect with her hair, eyes and costume all themed in different shades of gold. The dress was so unique and a brilliant compliment to the entire set!" — @tlc2012
  • La belle Céline Dion
    "This set won 1st place in our Celine Dion contest. I loved how the artist used Celine's dress as vines to contine down under the picture to cradle the shoes and as a hanger for the hat! The addition of the treble clef made this set complete!" — @tlc2012
  • 1960's
    "This set won our "1960" contest and when I first saw it I thought it totally captured the theme with every element, the snap clutch to the pastel pink ballet flats. I loved the vintage dress & how it looked just like something Audrey would have worn." — @tlc2012
  • It's sixteen miles to the promise land.
    "This set won our "Nature Trail" Contest and how delicate her steps must have been as she wore lace and walked through the woods. I loved how the model almost jumps out of the picture and how the artist captures her look perfectly! Beautiful!" — @tlc2012
  • Untitled
    "This set won our Pretty Polka Dots contest and it was amazing!! I loved the vintage pin up look and the outfit choice was a perfect match to her style. The addition of champagne and cherries tied the whole set together in perfection! I just loved it!" — @tlc2012
  • Baby Blue Beauty
    "This set won our "Baby Blue Beauty" contest and just look how wonderfully this artist captured the theme! Her use of the color asked for and addition of creams and a touch of green to highlight made this set a Baby Blue showcase! What a perfect set!" — @tlc2012
  • New/Re Run Purple Rain
    "This set won our "Re Run" and I was blown away by the creativity! I adored the addition of the rain drops over the dress to represent "Purple Rain"! I loved how the theme worked through the whole set and of course the new set was re worked masterfully!" — @tlc2012
  • Sweet Home contest
    "This set won our Home Sweet Home contest & what a beauty it was!! All the elements of this entry worked so well together & the color combo was divine! The dress was a perfect choice & you could almost she the hostess wearing it at her tea party at home" — @tlc2012
  • Black & White
    "This set won our "Black & White" contest. I loved how the artist used older photography and mixed it with modern black and white hued items to create her set. I also loved how she put it together on an angle and in with the addition of black trimming!" — @tlc2012
  • Bride
    "This set was the winning bride in our "Bride and Bridesmaid" contest. The bride was so beautiful and the addition of sparkles made the whole set seem like a beautiful evening wedding as the sun went down. It was beyond pretty!" — @tlc2012
  • For the Texas Contest
    "This set won our "Taste of Texas" contest and boy did it look like Texas. The artist added our capital building, where my Daddy worked for 30 years, and also I loved the yellow rose peeking out from the middle. It was a Texas tribute that was awesome!" — @tlc2012
  • morning
    "This set won our "First Thing This Morning..." contest. I lvoed, loved how it was put together! I adored the addition of the tea and strawberries at the bottom...almost as an afterthought but it makes a "period" at the end of the sentence. Perfection!" — @tlc2012
  • Blueberry Beauty
    "This set won our "Fruity Fashion" Contest. I loved it from the start. Every part of it is a blueberry field!! I loved the dresses and how well they fit into the set even without a blueberry print ;) It was amazing!" — @tlc2012
  • Red Riding Hood
    "This set won 1st place in our "Fun with Fantasy" Contest. I fell in love from the moment I saw it. What a modern take on "Little Red Riding Hood". The model was gorgeous and the hood amazing and the artist knew just how to capture the viewing audience!" — @tlc2012
  • Black and White
    "This set won our "No Background Needed" contest and this outfit needed no background to be absolutely perfect!! I would wear every piece of it and the artist truly put together a must have collection for anyone's warerobe!" — @tlc2012
  • Gerbera Daisies
    "This set won 1st place in our "Totally Themed" contest & it just screamed "themed"! The artist made sure each element worked together, so that the viewer would see the complete connection. My favorite part was the addition of the eye shadows! Beautiful!" — @tlc2012
  • 24.3.12
    "This set was such a modern interpretation of the contest theme. I loved the addition of red to make the set "pop" against the black and white and other muted colors. I really liked the "edgy" feel to the whole set. It was a winner for sure!" — @tlc2012


Wrote two years ago
So honored to be among such amazing sets.... thanks!

Wrote two years ago
great description, thanks .....................

Wrote two years ago
thank you for adding my set. This is a great collection and I am proud to belong to it

Wrote two years ago
beautiful hunn...esp with your comment below..

Wrote two years ago
All perfect! Thank you! :)

Wrote two years ago
Great collection! I love your descriptions under each set! :)

Wrote two years ago
wowow...great it!!!!!!!!!!!!!all this sets are unique.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
@tlc2012 I think adding your perspective makes it more personable, and gives more color around the win! great choices--all of them! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Thank you! :) @clayhandler @mercimasada I wanted to tell all of you why I picked the winners that I pick , and so I write a paragraph to let you know what I loved about the winning sets :)

Wrote three years ago
this is a beautiful collection...thank you so much for the add!! love the description under each set..very classy!!

Wrote three years ago
great collection!


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