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Creativity Haven

This is a group for writers and role players! Share sets of your characters, stories and worlds. Themes include: RPGs, would-be authors, world builders and dreamers. Any genre, historical, fantasy, original, fandom or AU. What do your characters wear? What type of world do they live in? Or just inspire yourself with mood sets and collages. (Readers and poets are also welcome. ^_-) CHECK OUT MY GROUP - MEDIEVAL FANTASIES: http://www.polyvore.com/medieval_fantasies/group.show?id=199414 CHECK OUT MY GROUP - PAST WHISPERS: http://www.polyvore.com/past_whispers/group.show?id=208785 *CREATIVITY HAVEN is intended as a group for CREATIVE WRITING (stories, rpgs, poems etc..). Sets should be reflective of mood boards, world building, character clothing and art sets that are related to YOUR WRITING. FANDOM SETS (no matter how awesome) are not acceptable, unless they are for a RPG or Fanfic. There are plenty of groups for fandom, random fashion etc.. so we're aiming to keep this space for sharing sets related to the imaginative world of writers. - If you have any QUESTIONS, feel free to PM me. Thanks. xD
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Moderator Announcement savagedamsel Posted 14 hours ago
Since we're still in January I thought it might be fun to share some writing resolutions for the new year. What are YOUR TOP 5 WRITING RESOLUTIONS?: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/contest.show?id=638923

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