You're So Creepy - Ghost Town [title] 
I Choose You to Die - Starbomb 

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  • Last Set Ever
  • Day 6
  • Day 5
  • Day 4

  • Brisk walk out
  • Waffles(:
  • Pink(:
  • school sucks(:

  • Pinks~
  • Untitled #39
  • Untitled #38
  • Untitled #37

  • Teenage Vampire
  • Queen Marie Antoinette of France
  • Electric Lady (Janelle Monae Inspired)
  • Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia

  • cuddle with me
  • just remember
  • Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
  • what now?

  • Here comes fall!!
  • Pastel Pink Life
  • American Horror Story: Murder House
  • I love you...

  • ootn-alice
  • Does anyone want to be my friend?-alex
  • Late ootd-Gryffyn
  • Ootd-Reyna

  • Color Bomb Series: Yellow
  • Beauty In Our Shortcomings
  • Prom Weekend
  • OOTD: For Those Cooler Days

  • Hmph||La-Weirdette
  • Good Bye Polyvore ||La-Weirdette
  • Do You Want To Be Promoted on Polyvore?(Read Description To Find Out How)||La-Weirdette
  • INTRO TO MINT GREEN||La-Weirdette

  • Untitled #21
  • Kinda gothic
  • Hot topic
  • Punk princess

  • I love humans!
  • w o u n d s
  • the beauty in ugliness
  • My Fairytail ♥(ノ´∀`)

  • You could be an angel or maybe a demon ...
  • James McAvoy style - You're So Hypnotizing
  • I wanna be your victim
  • My heart is burning, can you feel it tonight?

  • Wedding Anniversary Gifts!
  • Christmas Party!
  • Green and Red Combo on Christmas!
  • Princess Birthday Party

  • ~I Gave You BLOOD BLOOD Gallons Of The Stuff. I Gave You All That You Could Drink And It Has Never Been Enough . I Gave You BLOOD BLOOD BLOOOOOOOOD!~
  • ~I Can Be Your Bubblegum. Be Your Princess From Candy Kingdom. If Lady Rainicorn And Jake Can Be Living Happily, Then So Can We.~
  • ~You loved me for all the wrong reasons. There's nothing but pain left here I know. What's killing me is that I'm killing you."
  • ~Nezumi inspired~

  • He cheated on me
  • Asking Alexandria- I won't give in
  • Can you see the dark?
  • Copy

  • can we just talk about the birds and the bees and about us being between the sheets...?
  • what a tragedy.
  • Shiru ka
  • 猫との生活は難しいです〜

  • Untitled #320
  • One year of polyvore.
  • Day out and about
  • Untitled #317

  • Probably gonna delete my account soon.
  • Ugh..Idek. :/
  • Getting married to an amazingly wonderful guy <3 Iloveyou!!!
  • Wedding invitation

  • Xenia Sunday
  • Xenia Saturday
  • Xenia Friday
  • Xenia Thursday

  • Battle of the Disney Dream Cast Round 1O ... "Every breath you take, I watch you slip away. You're slowly killing yourself."
  • Battle between the Marvel Movie Characters - Round 00 - "Another life I'd never understand. Another night I'll give you all I can. I know I need you now more than I ever did. Just stay."
  • "Save her! She falls! She falls before me! She brought this on herself!"
  • Battle of the Disney Dream Cast Round O9 ... "You ask about my conscience, and I offer you my soul."

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