dark academy

full name; Skylar Addie Webber
age; 18
date of birth; 4/13
place of birth/hometown; Liverpool,UK
troubled or not;no
species (human, vampire, demon, witch, werewolf, fairy);Demon
appearance; her pale skin and pink lips stand out with her back hair and black eyes like her soul she is thin and tall at 6 feet. her bra size is B , and her nails are long and always painted some color. she has a dark british accent.
personality; Lazy,Stern,Cruel, silly at times, hot headed, and stuborn
likes; books, music, sleeping, journeys
dislikes; sports, loud noise ( crash, bang, smash)
flaw; she doesn't know right form wrong to well
secret; she killed her family when she was little
family; none
biography; Skylars family was stupid and didn't care about anything they did, unless it reflected badly on them, so when skylar was little she didn't know right form wrong and the little girls at her school called her names so she broke there arms, geting the phone call her family was angry and went to the school to discuss with the teachers what happened. In that time they screamed and shouted at her she couldn't take it and she killed them all the blood was every where the windows where darked with the beautiful color. All Skylar did was laugh being covered in blood her mothers head in her hand. her past is a secret and hopefully never be fond out. As she got older she was adopted by a family of four a sister and brother and mother and father. But as soon as something comes it goes when skylar was 14 she killed her family for the craving for that beautiful color was back. she is heartless and cold will it last now she is at dark academy.

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