I spent my morning clipping the entirety of the J. Crew factory store... obsessed?

My dilemma with J. Crew is that it describes my style almost perfectly- classic preppy with a few indie/trendy touches. However, whenever I try clothes on in the store they never fit right. I don't know what it is but their sizing never fits my body.
Take the pixie pants for example- raved about on the internet for their comfort & fit, and I go to J. Crew and grab 4 sizes (4 SIZES!) and NONE of them fit me properly. 

It's endlessly aggravating because I love their clothing so so so so so so much, and I almost always leave empty handed. I'm hoping that eventually I"ll fill out or something and magically someday everything will fit. But I like my body how it is D: 
Anyway, I'm hoping that my next trip to the states I"ll be able to find some cute J. Crew pieces that fit nicely. 

I'm super excited for back-to-school shopping, since I'm going to an outlet mall in Massachusetts. I"ve only ever really shopped in Maine, and this mall has Barney's & Saks off fifth and all sorts of amazing things. Shopping is really the only downside of living in Canada. That, and the vast difference between Netflix US & Netflix Canada... I love having long winters & white Christmases and outdoorsy culture and all those quintessential Canadian things, but the shopping seriously sucks unless you're lucky & live in Toronto. *sigh*. At least my family goes to the states bi-annually, some girls I know are forced to only wear H&M for the entire year until they save up enough money to order things online. First world problems!
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