Warm, comfy, cozy, cute…and VEGAN? That's right! But don't worry--I'm not suggesting that you eat your hat (or anything like that)! Rather, this selection of wardrobe options shows how fashionable one can be while dressing cruelty-free. 

Even if the weather outside is frightful where you live this time of year, you don't need wool, down or fur to keep warm, and pleather (faux/vegan leather) can keep your feet just as neat, dry and adorable as cowhide any day. Whether you're dressing up or down, you can create a stylish (and warm) outfit with a cruelty-free natural and artificial fiber fabrics. A big bonus? Most of the animal-free options shown are more affordable to boot (including the boots)! 

So, when you sit down to start thinking about what heartfelt changes you can make in the New Year, maybe you'll join me in committing to more compassionate fashion choices by selecting clothing made from cotton, linen, hemp, canvas or the various artificial materials available. 

Say it with me: "Goodbye, cruel wool. Sole long leather shoes and boots. And fur...anything? Fuhgeddaboudit!"

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