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New York City is known for many different things. As you come into the world famous city the Statue of Liberty welcomes you with her hand raised in the air. You catch sight of the ginormous skyscrapers rising from the ground up into the sky. As you walk the streets of the city there's so many people yet you can feel like you fit right in. The lights are always on and welcoming. From one street to the next you see coffee houses, pizza parlors, and many different little stores. There's just this atmosphere and nothing else compares to being in the Big Apple.

Many people move to New York to follow their dreams whether it be pursuing a career or finding their soul mate or finding themselves. There's so many things people can do in this "small" city. Everyone just wants to find a place to call home in New York City. From Downtown all the way to Uptown there's always something to do. Someone to meet. In life strangers become friends into family and sometimes friends become strangers. Life has a funny way of working. It's like a box of chocolates. You never really know what you're going to get. Anything could happen.

(PS @mademoibelle, I hope I got their styles right!!)
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