Hello girlies :)
So i am going to do a new tip series of crushes called "crush 101". If you have any requests for it, please comment <3

I made this exact set in another tip account I was on, but I quit the account before I could make any more tips for the series :) So if you have seen this tip before, I am not copying anyone, just myself :) haha <3

So lets get started....

So a lot of us, including me, tend to obsess over a crush. Dont! This is a normal thing that every girl learns to cope with. 

When I had a crush on some guy last year, I obsessed. YES! I did! Please dont do this. There is no reason to get all depressed about you two ever being together. Chances are, you will never even date! Sorry to sounds kinda rude, but it is true and I only want to help you, darling! 

Go about life just as you had before your crush came into your life and act normal. Be happy! But dont get obsessively depressed... :)
A lot of girlies tend to talk in a high pictched "baby voice" around their crush. DON'T. It drives them CRAZY.
Act like you would with your girlfriends. Act like YOU. 

If you think you need to act like a whole different person around them...why do you think you need to? To impress them or gain attention from them?
If they dont like the real you, then you are not meant to be with them. 

This really helps because you can talk to that imaginary person whom is in your diary and it really helps take a load of off you. 
This is what I did and I felt like I coudl talk about the things I was struggling with, without actually having to tell it to someone. <3
I think that is it :)
I will be making a series on surviving relationships with guys :) So stay tuned :)
Stay fabulous,
Julia ♥
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