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hey polyvorians ♡ [ most definitely stole that from my perfect friend s o r c h a , she's on vacation in mexico right now, go give her a nice surprise for when she goes on polyvore && follow her! @summer23134 :)♡ ]

don't know about this set, i'm still trying to find my set style so let me know!

♡ go go go auditions are still on PART2 @thepolyvorevips ♡

i haven't been on much during the day time because i've been at a volleyball camp! gotta be ready for school season:) which reminds me;; s c h o o l . i have exactly 15 days left): i won't be able to be on polyvore as much once school starts and i might have to leave all my tip accounts besides my own which i'll just manage and make a tip once in a while wah)':

guys i have pet cacti [ cactuses? idek ] and they are growing. my babies are growing up :') ♡

ramble ramble that's what i do best
only cause i love you guys ♡

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