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Only the ones you love the most can make you cry..

And I am crying right now. Heart-broken. Feeling sorry for myself, waiting for you to notice. I’m stupid to think you care. Darkness is a good word for me right now.
Don’t get me wrong I was happy today… now not so much.

Dear… love.

Don’t be ashamed of your tears…
Because when you cry
I cry with you
Because when you hearts bleeds
Mine breaks in two
And when you are broken
I am breaking too.
And when you are hurting
I’m screaming inside.
I’m here for you
Day and Night.
Whether you notice or not.
I am…
And even though you can’t see me
I hope it’s obvious that I love you.
Because I do...
I’ve sold my soul to the devil
Just so you’ll love me
Even if you don’t love me back.

You complete me.
You are the lolly to my pop.

Yours forever dear.

Ps. Crying makes you human.
 But I’ll fake a smile for you.
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