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"I'll see you on Wednesday, Sarah." I call out as I clock out, and grab my things from the back room. I was finally done for work for the day, and I just couldn't wait for this day to be over. I don't even wait to hear Sarah's reply before I start walking away and head out of the store.

I smile some as I hear the sound of my heels clack against the marble floors of the Nordstroms I worked at. I think I was only smiling because of the fact I was leaving... now don't get me wrong, I loved my job. Well, love may be an exaggeration, but I really appreciated my job. I liked the people I worked with and I definitely appreciated the discount on clothes. It came in handy... it was just.. day's like today I didn't like.

Apparently it was almost 'homecoming', whatever that means to a girl going to school in the city. So, that meant i had to deal with bratty queen bees and their little cliques bossing me around all day. The way some of these girl's acted... dropping $1,000 just like that. I mean, sure I've spent $1,000 dollars in one shopping trip before, but that's with money I earned, not from an ATM spelled d-a-d-d-y.

I shouldn't be so quick to judge, I guess. I mean, I'm sure these girls were lovely in their own right. Just the way they treated me... it was like I was a servant, and I got little to zero appreciation for helping them find the right dress. I mean, I was the one who always ended up pulling the dress they bought. I think I should be allowed to be a little frustrated.

I sigh heavily, shaking my head as I run my finger through my hair. Whatever. It didn't matter, I was done for the day, and I had the night free. 

I reach into my bag, takin out my phone. I quickly send my bestie Juliet a text. 'Hey, you free tonight?'

She replies quickly. 'I'm not. Sorry, babe. Bill's taking me out tonight. Get together another time?'

I sigh. I was a little disappointed, but I couldn't be mad. Juliet was really smitten with her new boyfriend, so I can't complain, as long as she's happy. 'Yeah, sure, we'll get together later this week. Go rock that boy's world.' I quickly reply before I drop my phone into my bag.

I guess now I had some time to kill. I might as well wander around the mall some. 

I head out into the main part of the mall, poking into a few stores here and there. I finally end up in a Macy's. The home department. I mean...I guess I needed some new pillow cases?

I walk over to where the sheets and things were kept, and I just wander around, looking at everything. And that's when I come across the bedroom displays. I smile some as I tilt my head looking at them all.

The beds, as they always are, were lined up in a perfect row and made to look like the picture usually seen on the packaging. It was always so amazing to me that the displays could stay like that even after a long day of customers looking at it.

I continue walking until I come across a particularly cozy looking display. The bed is all set up filled to the brim with pillows, with a down comforter and everything. 

I tilt my head looking it over again. I then take a moment to look around to make sure no one was watching me. I walk over to the display and fall back in the middle of the comforter, closing my eyes. Hopefully no one would mind if I laid here awhile. I mean, after the day I've had, and spending a whole day on my feet, in /heels/, I think I deserved a few minutes laying here.

[so.. i apologize for the ending, buuuut insert Dylan here?]
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