"I'll see you on Wednesday, Sarah." I call out as I clock out, and grab my things from the back room. I was finally done for work for the day, and I just couldn't wait for this day to be over. I don't even wait to hear Sarah's reply before I start walking away and head out of the store.

I smile some as I hear the sound of my heels clack against the marble floors of the Nordstroms I worked at. I think I was only smiling because of the fact I was leaving... now don't get me wrong, I loved my job. Well, love may be an exaggeration, but I really appreciated my job. I liked the people I worked with and I definitely appreciated the discount on clothes. It came in handy... it was just.. day's like today I didn't like.

Apparently it was almost 'homecoming', whatever that means to a girl going to school in the city. So, that meant i had to deal with bratty queen bees and their little cliques bossing me around all day. The way some of these girl's acted... dropping $1,000 just like that. I mean, sure I've spent $1,000 dollars in one shopping trip before, but that's with money I earned, not from an ATM spelled d-a-d-d-y.

I shouldn't be so quick to judge, I guess. I mean, I'm sure these girls were lovely in their own right. Just the way they treated me... it was like I was a servant, and I got little to zero appreciation for helping them find the right dress. I mean, I was the one who always ended up pulling the dress they bought. I think I should be allowed to be a little frustrated.

I sigh heavily, shaking my head as I run my finger through my hair. Whatever. It didn't matter, I was done for the day, and I had the night free. 

I reach into my bag, takin out my phone. I quickly send my bestie Juliet a text. 'Hey, you free tonight?'

She replies quickly. 'I'm not. Sorry, babe. Bill's taking me out tonight. Get together another time?'

I sigh. I was a little disappointed, but I couldn't be mad. Juliet was really smitten with her new boyfriend, so I can't complain, as long as she's happy. 'Yeah, sure, we'll get together later this week. Go rock that boy's world.' I quickly reply before I drop my phone into my bag.

I guess now I had some time to kill. I might as well wander around the mall some. 

I head out into the main part of the mall, poking into a few stores here and there. I finally end up in a Macy's. The home department. I mean...I guess I needed some new pillow cases?

I walk over to where the sheets and things were kept, and I just wander around, looking at everything. And that's when I come across the bedroom displays. I smile some as I tilt my head looking at them all.

The beds, as they always are, were lined up in a perfect row and made to look like the picture usually seen on the packaging. It was always so amazing to me that the displays could stay like that even after a long day of customers looking at it.

I continue walking until I come across a particularly cozy looking display. The bed is all set up filled to the brim with pillows, with a down comforter and everything. 

I tilt my head looking it over again. I then take a moment to look around to make sure no one was watching me. I walk over to the display and fall back in the middle of the comforter, closing my eyes. Hopefully no one would mind if I laid here awhile. I mean, after the day I've had, and spending a whole day on my feet, in /heels/, I think I deserved a few minutes laying here.

[so.. i apologize for the ending, buuuut insert Dylan here?]
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"Weeell now you know."

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"Juuust making sure."

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"Pretty happy I would say.'

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"How happy?"


creative young minds.

creative young minds.

for those creative folks.
the originals.
the trend setters.
NO ABERCOMBIE-esque stuff.
nooo colour cordinated outfits.
no hannah montana or jonas whatevers.
[ if you DO put these things in, i'm sorry but i'm deleting em cause they kindeeer ruin the CREATIVE feel]
inspire people by just being different.
this group is for creative eclectic free spirited fashionistas.

Alternative Fashion

Alternative Fashion

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And unordinary

A Little More Than You Expect

A Little More Than You Expect

-Girly Tomboys
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-Rough Around The Edges
I want to see unique sets, characters, a tough girl, sets that are all abercrombie and hollister are NOT welcome, make that shit origional PLEASE or I'll remove it
Fashion, Art, Anything is welcome as long as it follows the ideas listed above! :D

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