monday// we go camping all thanks to Laurie darling.
Ariana// SCS.

"dont think im pushing you away, when your the one that ive kept closest."

i was sitting in a tent, birthday week is supposed to be mor exciting right?
"i HATE seing you like this' rick said, as he entered my domain of despair.
the song crystalized was on repeat playing from my phone. 

i was about to tell Rick everything, when Gavin entered..."Ari i missed you.. " he started..."did someone die?" he finished looking at my expression. "oh so you havent heard?" rick asked him laughing.
"Heard what?" he said, his voice was shaking.
"Frankie got Ari's name tattooed." rick said laughing.
"Thanks bro" i picked up a rock and threw it at him.

"Are you mental? im just happy your not married to some random dude, like half the other girls, tattoos.. can be removed." gavin said laughing.
he seemed more chilled about things than i could have imagined.

"Knock knock" it was Birdie's voice. she entered with Iggy & Fankie.
"oh wow, this is.. awkward" said rick reading my mind.
He left the 5 of us in this tense atmosphere.

"Frankie" gavin spoke, "you beat me to getting Ari's name tattooed, not cool bro". Iggy started laughing, and everyone else followed.
What had gotten into Gavin?
"i just never took you for a tattoo kinda guy Gavin" frankie replied. he wasnt laughing though.
"im glad this is sorted" birdie said.
 she & iggy left. she turned around, "frankie arent you coming?"
"what else would i do?" he said. and he left.
just like that.

"sweet kid that one" gavin said laughing.
"what the HELLL are you on?" i asked
i was baffled by his super chilled behaviour.
"these" he said, removing a bunch of shrooms from his pocket, "i had NO idea they grew in this forest"
my eyes widened in amazement.

i popped them, and soon i joined Gavin in his world of tranquility and pleasure.
Now this felt like birthday week.
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