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Ariel Ritterbone, 19 ♦ Josephine Skriver ♦ Selkie
Personality: Playful and fun loving, Ariel travels through life with a hop, skip and a jump, always stopping to smell the flowers and admire the pretty colors. She acts on a whim and follows her heart, not her head. Ariel has never given up on her fiath and optimism, her way to be naive and a dreamer may irritate someone but she for sure doesn't do it for hurting someone. She just lives her life in an innocent way.
Style: Ariel likes feeling free as her soul. She totally goes mad for long skirts, fluffy dresses ad soft blouses. Everything in ocean's shade colours.
Likes: waves, not wearing make-up, sandals, playing in the sand, when her grandma cook for her her favorite dish: urchins, collecting sea shells, dreamig about what'll happen next, fruit flavored cocktails
Dislikes: being punished, sci-fi movies, opera, stay in a place for more than necessary, extra shifts, too big accessories, noir books, having to choose between two things.
Romantic Interests&Status: she has a crush on her best friend Caleb {Douglas Booth}
Secret: Ariel is an open book, her grandma hided Ariel's secret even from her beloved girl's eyes.
Biography: It's strange that even if St.George's a small town where everyone knows everybody, know one could say with precision who are Ariel's parents. In fact, Ariel's always lived with her grandma since she has memory, and so do all St.George's citizens. The true story of Ariel begin with a seal. Yes because Ariel is a selkie as her mother but she doesn't know. Selkies couldn't live without sea as much as mermaids, but they can be costricted if someone hides their seal skin. This is what happened to Ariel's mother and to Ariel too. The old lady that Ariel calls grandma took Ariel as a baby on the beach and her skin. She hided the baby's skin so that she'd never left for ocean and took care of her. Ariel've ever heard anything about it, she thinks to be just another girl on this island looking like paradise. She's a lot of friends here and the idea to leave never touch lightly her naive head. Ad she could never leave her grandma and her bestfriend Caleb, especially now that she developed a crush on him. But she thinks that she'll never got a chance on him 'cause he's always been a playboy and Ariel isn't his kind of girl. {more detailed Ariel's past in the collection}
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/ct_ariel_ritterbone/collection?id=2982844
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Wrote three years ago
Wonderful theme, great pics.

Wrote three years ago
she's so beautiful...!!!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago



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