I just made some cucumber eye pads inspired by Michelle Phan's video "DIY Ice Cucumber Pads (bye bye puffy eyes)"

and a yogurt and olive oil hair mask, inspired by Bubzbeauty's "Healthy skin and hair trick" video

Cucumber pads: 

I have noticed a substantial decrease in the puffiness in my eyes after 20 minutes of leaving the cucumber pads on my eyes. I really like the results. I think the reduced inflammation is due to the coldness of the pads (because placing something cold on an inflamed or puffy area, it will decrease the size and or redness). After I took them off my eyes, i just rubbed them softly across the rest of my face, patting underneath my eyes again. I really like this, and they smell great ^^ I would recommend anyone doing this if their eyes are puffy from work or studying, like mine. Or even staring at the computer screen for long hours making polyvore sets haha. 
I haven't noticed a difference in the dark circles below my eyes (due to a looong period of lack of sleep), but I am sure it is just something that does not appear or show after 1 use. My best friend and me made these a couple of days ago, and she has used them 3 times already; she said that she HAS noticed a decrease in the predominance of her dark circles, and as well the puffiness. So i will definitely try this again soon! 

Yogurt and Olive Oil hair mask: 

**I am about to go wash out the hair mask, and i will let you guys know my opinion on it, or the results i got soon ^^

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Wrote 4 years ago
What kind of pads did you use for the cucumber pads? Just normal ones you also use for removing make-up? I would love to try it as well.. :)

Wrote 4 years ago
So well done.

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