Ooft ;)
Peng right?
I fergot to do one of these. Carlisle's mean he got one all to himself but esme got one of those tinted thingymabob ones (:
anywhoo! I've been to Charlotte's iceacreampalour!!!!! yummy. Tofee ice cream. I played crazy golf and had a ride on this shit little train with my brother be'cuz he's two and would fall out -_-
I also went on some see saws; tch'yeaah.
OH!; I've won two contests yesterday - woop!
I don't like my full name -_- Laura Rebecca Esme Hartley; I sound snobby. I like Laura Esme Hartley or Laure Rebecca Hartley - maybe I should take my mums last name, love, and be laura rebecca esme love. It just doesn't sound the name. LAURA OLIVIA LOVE; initials L.O.L seriously I'd change it to that just for them initials.
Music; alexandra burke ft putbull - all night long ^_^
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