Cult Party Kei

Cult Party Kei is one of my favorite styles, it's so quirky and femme and DOLLY, I would dress this way but I am too androgynous :( I'd look like a boy in his little sisters clothes ...
facts - Cult party Kei is a style from Japan like Dolly Kei (although similar are not the same style) born out of The Virgin Mary -, using vintage clothing, and the concept of layering sheer materials like chiffon, as well as gingham and laces, whites and pastels are most common for the pallet although dark pallets can be used too, OTT accessories like dolls, patches, ribbons and teddy bears, you would also see a lot of crochet and knit, ruffles, and pompoms.
Red is a popular statement colour in Cult party, with accessories like shoes, tights or bags or red crosses.
Here is my little Cult party wardrobe! how do you like it? :)


Wrote two months ago
love this!!!! like a sweeter kinderwhore look

Wrote three years ago
AWESOME collection!!

Wrote 4 years ago
@fieruta ty~ oh same, it'd be charming, I haven't seen it in cult party, seldom in mori, boyish mori/mori "boy" - the cutest thing, I have always been interested in the boyish alternatives to dolly/mori/cult party styles too, although totally off point, since were talking about femme femme over androgynous rather, which is kind of what I do. I adore dolly kei also, I will do a dolly kei collection hopefully soon :) glad you like, I am glad to talk and know others here with similar likes in fashion :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Awesome! I'd actually love to see this style on more androgynous-looking people to be honest :D I prefer the darker Dolly Kei myself, or Mori Girl with a dark palette. Though I do enjoy looking at Cult Party Kei or even Fairy Kei stuff!


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