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"The love story"
Last few day ago[June,07] I've join my precious grand memorial day,I losing memory about her likes a shadow when i thinking of her.

She was born on 1911 before War 1 and was died on June,07,2006 in the age of 95..
I reading her memories book that really bring tears on my eyes.

The love story part from a book is the most beautiful thing,she changing my attitude about soulmate.
she 's Korean -first gen of mine.

I think war world change her life,around age of 19 she lost her parents just have only her brother and they went to join army to protect country.
she've no choice to live and out to America with missionary coz that time she studying medicine in the university already,i means she thoughts America is new hope of her.

My grand they both found each other in America ,my precious grand fa is Japanese..he study Architecture and they both married have 2 son&1 daughter.but love is not smooth because of war world period and different of Political ideology of country **Japan-Korea [No talks about this] my precious grand fa was sent back Japan after finished War 1[1939] while my grand ma she can back to Korean after finished Korean war [1955]

Almost 20 years apart from each other ,they're still believe in destiny,hopeful in their heart **Wanna cry,
she took her second son back Seoul with her and feed him as single mom while country isn't develop yet.
they're met again around late 70s and they both not re-marry.
to be honest i've no idea they both apart from political problem is really hard to believe and continue life under control. my grand ma she's life ear deaf i remember when i was young she feed me and my Korean name come from her,she made me remember about her every time when ppl calling my name.

My precious grand fa he's professor at my university after he back Tokyo, died after his wife at the age of 98. 
and his first son is my grand fa ,idk i really touching today and never listed my root before,once my dad said you should brave like your precious grands just 1% of them.that was a story of my precious grands..they're first gen and i'm 4th ..ever think i'm 3rd but after ask my dad he said 4th
our mixed blood started when first son married with Japanese-American he is my grand & still a live.

Finally ,i hope so i'll find one who will love me like my precious grand fa have done.every time when i see his pic in my university ppl always said you're so lucky?
I just knowing the meaning why,coz he's a great person oh...i'm so closed with him he look so cute.

Rest in peace.
--Little niece--
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