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  • The Vampire Hunter Necklace
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    The Vampire Hunter Necklace
    The Vampire Hunter Necklace is gunna rid the world of those pests… This dope necklace features an open coffin charm filled with plenty of weapons, tools, ‘N a skeleton, black chain, and clasp back closure.
  • The Last Unicorn Necklace
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    The Last Unicorn Necklace
    The Last Unicorn Necklace will be the savior of the species… This gorgeous necklace features an intricate black laser cut unicorn with tonz of glitter, and clasp closure.
  • Femur Fever Earrings
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    Femur Fever Earrings
    Femur Fever Earrings bonez about it, bb. These sik hanging earrings are in the shape of sum lovely leg bones and feature hook backs for pierced ears.
  • Widow Web Earrings
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    Widow Web Earrings
    Widow Web Earrings are gunna spin ya in circles, bb. This creepy earrings feature big white web charms with silver spiders danglin’ off the ends and ear hooks.
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