Theodora "Theo" Corby, DRC2.0
Collab towards the end with lovely @chrissykinz
Monday 7/16- Cellar Rats are going back to where it all began, preforming live from DRC one night only and Jade Lane got everyone backstage passes.

There was a gentle thud as I heard the apartment door close and then foot steps that began to follow soon after, I laid back onto the soft pillows and my eyes glanced up at the white ceiling. It surprised me that it had no cracks, no marks, cuts or scratches due to the aging of the steady going apartment. There was a familar voice that began to drag me from my thoughts and drawing my attention the open door way.
"I was hoping you'd be waiting for me" Dave spoke, kicking off his shoes after stepping into his bedroom and shrugging his jacket off and tossing it carelessly onto the ground with his shoes. He approached me, his charming smile would have made any girl melt, especially me. 
He joined me on the large bed, it was much comfier than mine but mine was a couple years old. Dave's was brand new and it was bought to my attention that we must still break it in. I peered up into Dave's eyes, his smile was contagious and it was impossible to stop. It was sudden but I was not to complain, his lips pressed against mine. The feeling that I had been longing for days; it may have seemed sad but I had been craving this. It felt like fireworks were going off, that magical feeling. Cliche? Sue me.
"How was your day?" Dave spoke, breathless after our lips gently broke a part. I replied with a shrug, I was no longer in the mood for speaking and he knew it. His smirk illustrated that he knew, there was no denying.
Dave hovered above me as we kissed, our tongues moulded against one another, like our lips; which I was convinced, were puzzle pieces that had been found. My hand crept up his shirt, grazing over his toned muscles and I grinned, pulling away for breath.
"I have to admit-" Dave spoke, pausing, also catching his breath. "-this is the best welcome home, ever" he nodded, grinning like a small, excited child. 
"I'm glad you approve of my 'welcome back's' but I must cut this short-" I frowned, watching his expression change dramatically. "-I'm seeing the Cellar Rats tonight with Lakyn" I finished, not wanting to leave Dave or his bedroom.
"When will you be back?" Dave asked hopefully, though I was certain he already knew my answer. It wasn't something he wanted to hear either.
"I need to go back to my apartment, Lakyn's staying the night" I replied, planting one last kiss on his lips quickly before standing from the bed. I felt a little awful for keeping such a secret away from my brother but I never thought he'd feel comfortable with his little sister dating, especially his work colleague and good friend, Dave.
"Call me? Text me?" Dave spoke, disappointment evident; in his voice, in his eyes, in his expression. When seeing him like this, it made me feel awful.
"But don't I always" I winked, leaving his bedroom and making my way out of his apartment, closing the door behind me, being welcomed by the warm sun setting.

"This band better be worthwhile, Theo" Lakyn spoke, closing the car door but it seemed more like slamming in my opinion. "If it's anything like you listen to on a regular basis, I may just tackle you-" he shook his head, speaking with a hint of disgust, "-and don't turn that into something 'kinky' either, pervert" he added.

I tilted my head back a little and errupted into laughter at how well my brother knew me, "How you learn so quickly, young grasshopper" I said, pushing the door open and being welcomed by a variety of scents in which I couldn't describe nor pick out. "My music isn't sh*t, you're just fussy" I rolled my eyes, reading the tickets and soon leading my brother to our allocated seats. 

"Not bad seats" was all Lakyn managed to say, sitting down whilst others stood, the adrenalin rushing through their veins. Including my own, I became weak when it came to live performances, any musicians to be honest.

The crowd began to roar with cheers as the Cellar Rats stepped out and onto stage, I turned to face my brother to see the change of expression if there were any.

"You like this band?" Lakyn asked, well, attempted to yell over the sound of the music, his eyebrow raised in my direction. He seemed surprised that I enjoyed a variety of music, I had my favourite's but I wasn't fussy like him.

I shrugged, "I'm not fussy like you" I shouted whilst grinning. He had no reply but he rolled his eyes, shaking his head a little. We were different but we got along unlike most siblings. You could say we were best friends but I wouldn't admit it to anyone. I don't know why but admitting to being best friends with your sibling seemed stupid or silly, I shouldn't care what others thought though.

"So why did you decide on sitting?" Lakyn asked, his eyes didn't draw away from the stage, the band or the music. 

"You don't know your sister very well, do you?" I spoke, shaking my head seeming ashamed with my older brother but smiling to show that I was only kidding, pulling his leg. "I have a habit of jumping around like a maniac at concerts so I bought seat tickets so I can rest when I need to" I nodded, not taking my eyes off the band. I did like them, they weren't a preference or favourite but God gave them talent. 

"You? Rest?" Lakyn burst out laughing, elbowing me in the rib at the joke I had unknowingly told. 

"See, now you're sounding more like my brother" I let out a laugh and glanced at him, smiling. 

It was moments like these, I lived for.
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