Let me tell you why I love easter:


2. Myrt does this easter egg hunt where she puts money in the eggs. 

3. I usually get a little present from Mum, most of the time it's Alice in Wonderland related. I just really hope it's a new book or movie.

4. I get to see Lolo!! I miss Lolo so much & she's traveling up here to spend easter with us :D :D :D We're gonna watch Footloose (starring moi).

OHEY, & my friend, Taylor, gave me this necklace yesterday. I don't usually wear necklaces, like at all, but I really like this one. It's an amethyst rock cut in half, so you can see the pretty side, like this:

only not as big.

I had so much fun with Taylor yesterday. We literally just drove around & did whatever we wanted to. First we went to the river & climbed up on the rocks, then put our feet over the edge & dangled them in the water. Then we went to the market & picked up small tubs of ice cream, but it took us forever to find spoons. After that we went to Doornbos park & ate the ice cream, but I couldn't finish mine so I played with the ducks forEVERRRR. They chased me, then I threw bread at them & they stopped. There were baby ducks too, I could have literally picked one up with one hand then ran to the car & I would have had a new pet. After that we stopped to get fish sandwiches, since I can't eat meat on Friday's, then we went to Taylor's house & watched the last episode of Sherlock & cried. Then I went home. It was fun...!

Oh, & uh, looks like I'm still going to prom. This is not going to turn out well, but... it's out of my hands.
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