so i have naturally curly hair, but for all you straight haired chicas here are some ways to get curls without having to kill your hair with heat

-BRAIDS so basically you take a shower, let your hair dry a little, and then put it into several braids. the size of the curls depend on how many braids you do. I like french braids because then even hair on top of your head gets curly.

-BUNS so for this one you will look like princess Lea. just part your hair down the middle, divide into two sections, and twist them. then wrap them into buns. you can make more than one if you want more than two corkscrews. 

-ACCORDION this will give you really small, loose waves. very cute. so you want your hair to be mostly dry. then you divide it into two parts. around your ear grab one side like a pig tail. then fold the ends up. then down, then up until you get to the ends. then secure with a hair tie and let dry overnight.

-ROLLERS divide hair into sections. the smaller the roller, the tighter the curls. different rollers have different instructions, so make sure to read the directions. make sure hair is a little damp. spray some hair spray on the piece before you roll it. start at the ends, then just roll it to your roots. just wait till hair is dry, then remove curlers and gently break apart the curls to make it look more natural.

that is just some basic ways. i will probably do a tutorial on other more difficult methods. love ya girls!

good luck,
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