Custom Color Pink M&M's Candy, 1lb.
  • Charbonnel et Walker Pink Hamper Chocolate Assortment
    A selection of Charbonnel et Walker's best selling items, including Pink Marc de Champagne truffles, milk Marc de Champagne truffles, dusted strawberry truffles, a Pink Marc de Champagne bar, a dark Marc de Champagne bar, a Pink Marc de Champagne mini heart, a Pink Marc de Champagne heart and Creme Parisiennes. Imported. 15" x 15" x 12"
  • Piper-Heidsieck Rare Vintage 2002
    Tasting Note: An impressive wine, Rare contains a complex mineral composition and pure fruit character. Pale gold with subtle reflections of green, this wine expresses a vegetal nose of wood, pepper, ginger, cumin and even coffee bean aromas. Refined and elegant on the palate, its impression is light, but it’s neither lacking in richness or density. Soft spices and ginger complement the fresh mouthfeel of this extravagant wine, which delicately lingers on.
  • Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne Dark Chocolate Truffles
    Lightly dusted dark chocolate truffles with a Marc de Champagne center. Bittersweet chocolate/butter/icing sugar/Marc de Champagne. 4.5" X 4.5" x 1.5"; 4.75 oz. Imported.
  • Harrods London Icons Apricot Preserve
    Made with Somerset Brandy, the London Icons Apricot Preserve is brimming with mouth-watering flavour. A delicious fruit jam, presented in a London themed jar.
  • Harrods Freshly Ground Breakfast Coffee (250g)
    Wake up to an enchanting cup of freshly brewed breakfast coffee. With notes of hazelnut and citrus fruit, this coffee is sure to make the transition from sleeping to waking entirely more tolerable.
  • Roberto Cavalli Vodka
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    Sophisticated and refined, Roberto Cavalli Vodka was made according to traditional Italian distillation excellence for the most discerning palates. It is made from a soft type of wheat sourced in the Alps, which, by using a higher content of type of type A starch, coverts the sucrose in to a very pure form and makes the distilled alcohol purer and smoother. The water used in the dilution process flows directly from the slopes of Monte Rosa, and with low natural mineral content, gives the vodka an extraordinary quality. The alcohol is distilled carefully to give just the right flavour.
  • Harrods Mini Shortbread Rounds (300g)
    Crumbly, melt in the mouth shortbread, made to a traditional family recipe, Harrods’ Cirque Du Cookie mini shortbread rounds are perfect for pepping up teatime. Presented in a colourful Harrods tin that will stick around long after the cookies have gone!
  • The East India Company Rose Cordial (250ml)
    Created especially for use in cocktails and spritzers, this delicious rose cordial from the East India Company makes a unique gift at any party; perfect for drizzling over indulgent puddings, fruit salads and pancakes.
  • Antico Forno Santi Apricot Cantucci
    Since 1920, Antico Forno Santi has been making biscuits in the small village of Migliana, Italy. These chocolate cantucci are delightful as an afternoon snack, or after an evening meal.
    • Star Swirl Lollipop at Birthday in a Box
    • Brach`s Tart Conversation Candy Hearts: 5LB Bag
    • Strawberry Iced Ring Doughnut
  • Gabriel-Boudier Parfait Amour 50cl
    Tasting Note: In the 19th century the violet-coloured liqueur known as Parfait Amour was very fashionable. Gabriel Boudier has created its own secret recipe in honour of this age-old spirit, made from a citrus base, infused with a blend of fresh fruit and floral extracts, which adds a wonderful hue to quirky cocktail recipes.
  • Selamlique Turkish Coffee
    Selamlique’s authentic Turkish coffee is prepared and served using processes unchanged over centuries. Made from specially grown Arabica beans, this traditional flavoured coffee blend is the perfect pick-me-up.
    • Crave Cookies and Cupcakes - Va Va Vanilla
    • Crave Cookies and Cupcakes - The Princess (Vanilla)
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  • Selamlique Cinnamon Turkish Coffee Tin (125g)
    Selamlique’s authentic Turkish coffee is prepared and served using processes unchanged over centuries. Made from specially grown Arabica beans, this indulgent Cinnamon blend is the perfect pick-me-up.
  • Selamlique Turkish Coffee (Set of 5)
    Selamlique’s luxuriouscoffee box set allows you to enjoy all your favourite flavours – from traditional to cinnamon. Ideal for gifting, this elegant set will make a practical addition to any kitchen.
  • Dorotea Apricot Jam Pastries (200g)
    Deliciously fruity, Dorotea ’s apricot jam filledpastries are ideal as a gift.
  • The East India Company Royal Breakfast Tea (50g)
    The East India Company’s Royal Breakfast fine blacktea is the original full-bodied breakfast tea.
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  • TWG Tea Earl Grey Fortune (100g)
    This strong and full bodied first flush Darjeeling is blended with TWG bergamot to yield a most robust and balanced cup. Tea was once a product so revered, costly and rare that it was only offered as a gift to emperors and courtiers, a product as elite as it was noble. Today, TWG Tea has revived this tradition with artfully packaged Keepsake Teas in beautifully conceived gift boxes, ornate blends crafted to delight and enthuse in artisanal tins to cherish for a lifetime.
    • Squishable Kitty
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    • Squishable Breast Cancer Research Piggy
  • TWG Tea Love Me Tea (150g)
    An engaging love potion of fine green tea is delicately enhanced with a bouquet of fragrant floral blossoms. A charming adventure for the senses.
  • Cognac Frapin Frapin Extra
    Tasting Note: A sweet, complex and subtle bouquet blends with an exceptionally complex and subtle flavour.
  • Edgerton Pink Gin
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    Tasting Note: Steeped in botanicals sourced from halfway around the world, coriander, angelica, juniper, orris root, sweet orange peel, cassia bark, and nutmeg infuse the pure grain spirit with a taste of paradise. Food Pairing: At a generous 47% strength it will not fade with tonic and makes an ideal base for cocktails. Enjoy with tonic and ice.