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  • Zippo Lighter
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    Metal. Wipe clean. Made in the USA. Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. Lighter fluid not included. 1.5"w, 3"h. Description: The name in flame. Legendary wind-resistant Zippo lighter, complete with a classic brushed chrome finish.
  • Osram - Halogen-Bulb Classic A Eco - E27
    With the illuminant Halogen Classic A Eco, Osram offers a replacement to common bulbs. It does not only live twice as long but it also convince with its beautiful warm light. The lamp with the common E27 socket can be exchanged 1:1 by a common bulb. The light of the Halogen Bulb Classic A Eco is dimmable by 100% at all normal household dimmers. The illuminant does not need heating time, but it does immediately offer full illumination force. And this it does for about 2000 hours. That is the average durability of the Classic A Eco. The illuminant is quicksilver-free and can be disposed in the household garbage without any problems.
  • Crane Hippo Cool Mist Humidifier
    Hip, hippo, hooray! Perk up when you're feeling down with this hippo-shaped humidifier, which brings relief from achy, cough-y cold syndromes. Pumping your space full of moisture, this sick day essential soothes irritated dry skin, helps lull you right to sleep & makes the air simply more breathable. HIPPO.
  • Wooster Brush Solvent Proof Bristle Chip Paint Brush, 2", White
    Wooster Brush Solvent Proof Bristle Chip Paint Brush, 2", White. Disposable white bristle brushes for utility-type applications. Convenient way to apply varnishes, stains, glues, roof coatings, and all types of epoxies (including coal tar) or for cleaning machinery, dusting, etc. Unfinished wood handle, tin-plated steel ferrule. The Wooster Brush Company has been manufacturing innovative, high-performance painting tools right out of Wooster, Ohio USA since 1851. Our trade names include Ultra/Pro, Advantage, Yachtsman, Shortcut paintbrushes; Super/Fab, Super Doo-Z roller covers; Sherlock frames and extension poles; Jumbo-Koter minirollers; and Prep Crew surface prep tools. You can feel confident knowing Wooster is the name behind your painting tools. Make of white China bristle with a square trim. Features a tin-plated steel ferrule. The clear plastic, flat handle resists water and solvents.
  • Gam Paint Brushes 2" Single X Thick Chip Brush, 36-pk
    Gam Paint Brushes 2" Single X Thick Chip Brush, 36-pk. 2" Single X thick chip brush is made with white bristle, plain wood handle and epoxy settings. This utility brush is great for applying glue, stains as well as many other uses. Use them in the shop, office, home, etc. Economical enough to use as a throw away brush. Sold in bulk pack of 36 brushes. Set in epoxy. Plain wood handle. White Bristle filament. Great utility brush.
  • Proform Technologies Picasso Oval Angle Sash Paint Brush, 2-1/2"
    Proform Technologies Picasso Oval Angle Sash Paint Brush, 2-1/2" Advantage PBT proprietary filament blend for easy paint application and cleaning. Hardline no-drip interior construction and interior design that permanently marries the handle to the ferrule. This means the ferrule will never become loose. It also eliminates tje area where paint, cleaners and water collect, creating a no-drip after cleaning benefit. Oval ferrules hold more paint. Perfect for covering large areas, detail and trim work. Primary epoxy binds filament.