i cannot remember
the last time i inhaled
a cigarette in such a way
that the stars seemed to be
filling my lungs and i was able
to enjoy the killing thing
without regret
but oh god oh god
do not pay attention to me
i am a bad example
i am the wolf in the suit
of sheep's wool
i only come to destroy
though unlike the wolf
i do not come on purpose
so do not be fooled by the
way i dress because yes
i know i dress well
i feel the idea of style and cotton
dripping from cuts when i bleed
but underneath i am a monster
do not let me get too close to you
do not speak to me in such a way
that draws me near because
i will strike and we will both die
smoke fills my lungs my heart my soul
please children go play with dolls
not sticks of smoke that kill you from
the inside out
go play inside inside inside
i don't want you out here when
the last puff of cosmic stardust
kills me
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