heyy so this is basically a requested tip on how to cut your jeans into shorts. hope you likee/
Want new shorts? Don't want to pay for them? Then you can recycle an old pair of jeans and make some hot new cutoffs! Heres how!

1. Grab a comfy pair of jeans and put them on. Decide how long your want your shorts to be. Keep in mind that you may want to cuff the shorts a bit at the bottom. Mark where you will cut with a pen or marker. 

2. Measure across the jeans with a ruler and line up the mark on one leg with the mark on the other. Make sure they are even. If they are uneven, your shorts will look sloppy and people will be able to tell that they are homemade. 

3. Using the ruler, trace the two marks together until there is a line going across the pants. This is so you will be able to tell where to cut, and be able to cut a straight line.

4. Carefully cut the jeans. You can use a regular pair of scissors.

5. Once you've cut them, pull out some of the strands of fabric on the bottoms [[where you cut]] for a cool frayed look. 

6. Put your new jean shorts through the washing machine before you wear them so they will be a bit more frayed. TIP: These shorts will look best if you don't wash them every single time you wear them. They will be more comfy with you skip some washes as well.

BONUS: MAKING A SKIRT. This was also requested, but I didn't know how, so I googled it. The directions were kind of long and complex, so if you interested in making a skirt out of jeans I'd check out this. It explains it better than I could. Haha :) 


hope you liked!

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Thanks [ :
I lovedd it [ :

Wrote 6 years ago
I love doing this!!! :) also everyone keep in mind that you should draw the line about an inch longer than you want them to be UNcuffed! :)

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