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~Best Song Ever 


Okay so the Taylor Swift concert was really far away...we listened to every single Taylor Swift album on the way there plus Ed Sheeran's album (that's 5 cds altogether). That was really fun. We got to the concert venue, The Staples Center. It was my first time going there. It's not really that big. 

We found our seats and they were SO close to the stage!!!! I was literally shocked. I won these tickets so I didn't really know exactly how close we were going to be! 

The first act was Casey James, and he's a country singer. He was pretty good. I knew a few of his songs. Then finally, the moment I'd been waiting for.... ED SHEERAN!!!!! Ahhhhh he was perfect!!!!!! Literally amazing. Every song. His voice. Omg. I am speechless. And I loved how he kept saying, "Los Angeleeeees" instead of "Angeles". He's so cute and perfect and it was soooooo amazing. Then he sang Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears and that was fun hahahaa. 

Then Taylor came on! Her hair is soooo perfect and she looked amazing. I loved all her outfits. I loveeeeedd it all. Then she sang "Everything Has Changed" with Ed and that was just too perfect to handle. I wish I could've met Ed... I wanted to get into Club Red but since I wasn't all decked out in a costume I knew I had no chance. Still, it was one of the best concerts ever. 

Then the surprise guest came out....it was Jennifer Lopez. I was very disappointed because I was expecting someone else, preferably someone I liked... but oh well. I wish Ellie Goulding was there on Sat instead of Friday, but I guess I don't care! 

So after the concert I met Meghan Rosette and Claudia (BeyondBeautyStar) from YouTube!!!!! That was so cool. I've never met anyone famous aside from Lauren Conrad but I don't know why I was kind of shaking when I met Meghan Rosette. I mean, Meghan's a famous YouTuber but not like suuuuuper famous. Anyway, we took a picture with her and she said she liked my phone case. Taylor Swift touched her hand because she was in the pit (front row). I also talked to Claudia and she looked a little surprised when I told her I watched her videos since she's not as famous as Meghan. That was awesome. 

The next day we did a spontaneous blur of things. We went to Urth Caffe (that cafe that the Jenners are always at). It was good. Then went to the beach and on rollercoasters and rides and etc. None of it was planned which is weird for me since I am definitely a planner. 

And on the ride back home, we listened to every single One Direction song + every single Jonas Brothers song because we're cool like that. 

It was the perfect 34 hours of my summer, aside from the One Direction concert in July. I am so happy and thankful. So happy <3

AND I HAVE NO PSD (Post-Concert Depression) THIS TIME! IT'S SO WEIRD. 

School starts tomorrow but whatever blehhhh but I'm so excited for the 1D movie. I literally can't wait!!!!

Oh and The Book Thief trailer!!! Omg. So perf. And the Divergent trailer!!! It looks pretty good; it better be good. And the Fault in Our Stars is filming now, isn't it? #somanygoodmoviescomingout 

k thx for reading <3
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