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  • Maggie the Australian Shepherd
    Maggie, 'Maggie Moo,' or 'Pupito,' as she's known around here, is our first dog. She's a feisty pup! She was one of the more mellow of her siblings, but once at home in Berkeley, away from her big, bo
  • Lovely Little White Fluffy Puppy Animal Pictures
    Lovely Little White Fluffy Puppy, Cute dog.
  • Kat Payne
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    Awww sooo cute.I really want a Dog,but i have two Cats. :// (.... my Cats are the cutest Cats ever :P BUT I ALSO WANT A DOG).... | See more about baby beagle, beagle and dogs.
  • Cute Pomeranian Pictures
    There's a reason why celebripup Boo is so darned adorable. .. beyond the fuzzball haircut and cute widdle pink tongue, the social media giant comes from a long line of teeny toy dogs called Pomeranians. These petite personality powerhouses can melt the
  • Doggies!
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    German Shepherds