Christmas / Winter series is back! You guys need to inbox us some requests! Let's get to this tip, first though (:

O1. Carrie and curls
OMG doesn't she look beautiful with that hairstyle? *sigh* i wish my hair was like that... Oh wait! Here's how to make it like that :D
-section your hair and curl with a 1/2-1 inch curling iron, we want ringlets rather than waves
-take your index fingers, place them on your temples and slide them around your head horizontally, and secure this piece of hair with a tie
-now, take your bangs (or extra hair from either side) and straighten them with your flat iron moving it towards your back creating a nice shape like in the picture
-put on some hairspray and your done!

O2. Lauren and elegancy ♥
I love this hairstyle, simple elegant and chic all at the same time! I have no clue on the words to explain this but its so easy and this tutorial is great!

O3. Vanessa and topknots ♥ 
NOW, i know this is similar to the LC one, but i have a twist to it, just couldnt find a good pic! So, here we gooo:
-take all of your hair and put it in a high pony
-braid it normally
-take the braid and twist it around the top of your head, like a topknot
-secure with a hair tie and then if you want, you can take a few hairs out from the front part or add a glittery/ jeweled hairband! 

O4. Something about the fishtail braid ♥
I dont know that actresses name... If YOU do, comment below gorgeouss ♥ But here's the tutorial:
-after your shower, take your hair and braid it normally, plus sleep on it ♥
-wake up, AND do not comb or brush your hair, it will loose texture! 
-put all your hair on whatever side you prefer and begin to fishtail braid it, start loose on top and tighter and TiGHTER as you go on
-secure with a tie and pull just two small hair from each side, curl them if necessary ♥

O5. Oh, the waterfall braid ♥
This is so cute and not that hard! 
-take a section of your hair in the front and part it into three sections, like you're about to do a normal braid.
 -take the highest of the three sections and place it over the middle section. Then take the bottom section and place that over the middle section. Angle your hands so that your hair is moving to the back of your head.
 -pick up a little more hair from right beside the top section before you move the top section over the middle again. You need to combine the extra hair from the top section and fold that over the middle section.
 -instead of putting the bottom section over the middle like you normally would, you drop that piece and pick up the piece next to it. Then you fold that piece over the middle section.
 -continue steps 3 and 4 until you have reached the point of the braid where you want to stop.

O6. Cute and Messy Blake ♥
LOL i couldnt come up with any other names... Let's start, shall we?
-straighten all your hair 
-when you are done, flip it over and put on some hairspray 
-tease around the bottom and volume-lacking areas
-keep brushing your hair back with your hand, it gives it the messy look ♥

Done , done , and DONE! ♥ Hope you liked :) 
Remember the requests :DD 

"You are beautiful no matter your shape or size, don't let anyone else make you think otherwise" ♥ 

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