Liam- DisneyWorld, of course! It's both of yours favorite place on Earth, and you go there whenever you can

Louis- Swings are the thing you two both love, and even if it is a bit weird, it's fun. 

Zayn- You two love going to the park or just walking together. Quality time together is just the best. 

Niall- Trampoline time is the best time. You and him love your trampoline, wether it's jumping or laying under the stars, you're together. 

Harry- Blanket Forts, Mattress Forts, forts in general. Making them is your speciality. Harry and you love sitting under/ in them and talking or watching a movie. 

Requested by both @directioner4444 AAAAAND @livinwanderer 

One left!
[X]-How he makes you feel better
[X]-How he likes your hair
[X]-He does your hair
[X]-Cute moments
[ ]-Cute text messages

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