Cute Necklaces
  • ModCloth Nifty Nerd All Be-Cosmos of You Necklace
    Star you ready to give it up for this cosmic bib necklace? Thanks to its astronomy-inspired imagery and a dark hue mimicking the night sky, youre sure to cosmic a scene with your stellar style. Nifty Nerd, Cosmic All Be-Cosmos of You Necklace in Blue.
  • ModCloth Fruits Variety is the Slice of Life Necklace
    Shake things up by sporting this sweet, tropical necklace! Boasting a refreshing array of pineapple charms that dangle beneath a bold, shiny chain, this golden statement piece keeps your ensembles delightfully interesting. Fruits, Quirky, Darling, Vintage Inspired Variety is the Slice of Life Necklace.
  • ModCloth TodayGÇÖs Timeline Necklace
    Keep your schedule in style by clasping this long pocket-watch necklace over your ensemble! This silver accessory is engraved with floral designs and pops open to show the time with a click of its upper button. Pair this piece with a blouse, blazer, and wide-leg trousers for a wonderful look thatll impress every time! TodayGÇÖs Timeline Necklace in Silver.
  • ModCloth Pastel Bright and Baubly Necklace
    Your perky personality is reflected in everything you do, from the way you walk to how you accessorize, as with this beaded necklace! Sweet mint beads in ascending sizes make up this bold necklace, which is the perfect way to pep up any ensemble. Pastel, Statement Bright and Baubly Necklace in Mint embellished with Beads for Prom, Wedding, Daytime Party, Beach, Resort, Bridesmaid occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho No Place Like Roam Necklace
    Nothing beats the freedom of the open road - and this ModCloth-exclusive bib necklace helps you keep that sentiment close to home. A hexagonal array of map-adorned baubles meets a sturdy golden chain on this vintage-inspired statement piece - guiding you to stylish discoveries! Boho, Safari, Travel, Nifty Nerd, Statement No Place Like Roam Necklace in Multi for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Sayings Wish Upon a Charm Necklace
    Grant yourself the pleasure of sporting this inspiring, ModCloth-exclusive necklace - which boasts an inscribed, brassy golden pendant for dream-come-true delight! Sayings, Boho Wish Upon a Charm Necklace in Gold for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Yes You Glam Necklace
    Wondering if you can sport this statement necklace - available in April - with that look? The answer is always, Yes! Layer this accessory over any ensemble to flaunt its layered strands of of faux-pearls, grey beads, golden chains, and pale pink stones - eliciting ooh s and ahh s everywhere you go! Boho, Festival Yes You Glam Necklace in Blush in Multi embellished with Beads, Pearls for Daytime Party, Party occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Dance to Your Own Lune Necklace
    Go your own way by accessorizing your look with the cosmic splendor of this golden necklace - which tells the history of the night sky with a striking crescent moon pendant and universal appeal that stands the test of time! Boho, Cosmic, Festival Dance to Your Own Lune Necklace in Gold for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Top of the Shine Necklace
    Adorn your look with this beaded necklace for a bit of exceptional flair! Turquoise-toned strands mingle with metallic gold beads on this tiered statement piece, making any ensemble fashionably first-rate. Boho, Festival Top of the Shine Necklace embellished with Beads for Daytime Party, Beach, Resort occasions.
  • ModCloth Statement Gilded Finesse Necklace
    For an added dash of dazzling, adorn yourself in this shining gold necklace a ModCloth exclusive starring five faceted mist-blue baubles for an eye-catching touch to your ensemble. Statement, Pastel Gilded Finesse Necklace in Mint for Special Occasion, Prom, Wedding, Party, Daytime Party, Beach, Resort, Bridesmaid, Bride occasions.
  • ModCloth Statement Neurotransmit Your Love Necklace
    Admirers of your ensemble will know youre especially happy to be alive when you accessorize with this golden necklace! Flaunting a serotonin molecule pendant at the end of an adjustable cable chain, this bit of flair is gloriously geek chic. Statement, Quirky, Nifty Nerd Neurotransmit Your Love Necklace in Gold.
  • Mata Traders Boho Pop of Collar Necklace
    Even the simplest of ensembles can receive a dose of drama from this beaded necklace by Mata Traders! Top your neckline with this bright yellow accessorys dark wood clasp and plentiful strands for a captivating, colorful look. Feminist-minded Mata Traders fights poverty through the employment and empowerment for the craftswomen in India and Nepal who create their fair-trade, handmade products. Boho, Festival, Eco-Friendly Pop of Collar Necklace by Mata Traders in Yellow embellished with Beads for Work, Casual, Daytime Party, Beach, Resort occasions.
  • ModCloth Nautical Map to It! Necklace
    Set your sights on new fashion horizons with this nautical-themed necklace! Touting a ships wheel atop a muted map-printed pendant, this brassy piece makes you a proud pioneer of vintage-inspired panache. Nautical Map to It! Necklace in Multi.
  • ModCloth Statement Take a Tint Necklace
    Clue the world in on your vibrant personality with this color-wheel-inspired necklace. Flaunting a detailed gradient and brass chain, this unique accessory adds a complementary flair to any look - hue cant go wrong! Statement, Nifty Nerd Take a Tint Necklace in Multi for Casual, Beach, Resort occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho As Spur Usual Necklace
    A golden necklace as edgy as it is on-trend? Nothin new for you! This adjustable accessory consists of dual curb chains - the longer of the two touting textured spur-like teeth that have the sassy side of your style on lock. Boho, Minimal, Festival As Spur Usual Necklace in Gold for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Happy Harmony Necklace
    The best things in life are free-spirited, which is why you adore this gold tassel necklace! Topped with a mint, teardrop-shaped stone and fluttering chain fringe, this bohemian accessory radiates tranquility. Boho, Festival, Vintage Inspired, 20s, 30s Happy Harmony Necklace in Mint embellished with Tassels for Daytime Party, Beach, Resort, Casual occasions.