Cute Necklaces
  • ModCloth Boho Pep It Up Necklace
    When your outfit needs some pep, look no further than this bright necklace. Its layered strands of red, orange, pink, and crimson beads make any day super-cheerful and oh-so cute! Boho, Festival, Statement Pep It Up Necklace in Sunrise Red embellished with Beads for Work occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Geo Glamour Necklace
    Your ensemble sure is shaping up stylishly thanks to this intricate necklace! Rich mint- and gold-beads bookend the gem-adorned bauble featured on this adjustable necklace, while a trio of rod-like charms provide even more flash and flair. Boho Geo Glamour Necklace in Green.
  • ModCloth Good Luxe Charm Necklace
    Your evening out has been entirely magical, and it all began when you donned this statement necklace! Mint-green and sky-blue gems radiate and burst among bitty rhinestones, joining to make this golden piece the ultimate accessory for a glam night out. Good Luxe Charm Necklace in Blue embellished with Studs, Tassels.
  • ModCloth Boho It's About Time Necklace
    Youve been looking to update your everyday accessories, and the search is over now that you've found this unique pendant necklace. A trio of rings etched with Roman numerals hang from the dainty chain of this antiqued-gold piece - perfect for completing a number of ensembles! Boho, Festival It's About Time Necklace for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Color Your Collar Necklace
    Even a simple white tee comes alive when you lay this tiered necklace atop it! A collection of turquoise and pink faux stones and beads dangle from the golden cable chains of this necklace, brightening both your outfit and your day. Boho, Statement, Urban Color Your Collar Necklace in Green embellished with Beads, Tassels.
  • Latest Love Dress
    Styling idea
  • ModCloth Boho Simply Spirited Necklace
    Refresh your look with a bit of boho-inspired charm, provided by this pendant necklace. The faux turquoise stone at the end of this gold accessory looks festive and fun the whole day through! Boho, Festival Simply Spirited Necklace in Blue.
  • ModCloth Statement Here We Glow Again Necklace
    Ready for a spectacular night spent in this statement necklace? Simply settle the mist-blue and robins egg-hued baubles of this golden wonder within the neckline of your ensemble and allow the evening to elevate to a most memorable sequence of events. Statement, Pastel Here We Glow Again Necklace in Mint for Special Occasion, Wedding, Party, Daytime Party, Bridesmaid occasions.
  • ModCloth Quirky Jingle All the Yay Necklace
    Dance through the day to the beat of your own tune, accompanied by this tambourine necklace! Starring a chorus of jangles around its circular pendant, this gold accessory will have you grooving with glee. Quirky, Music, Boho Jingle All the Yay Necklace in Gold.
  • ModCloth Darling Tier to Stay Necklace
    Once this ModCloth-exclusive necklace graces its first ensemble, you wont want to accessorize without it! Strands of mint beads glamorize this golden piece, bringing everlasting loveliness to each and every look with which it's paired. Darling, Pastel Tier to Stay Necklace in Mint embellished with Beads for Special Occasion, Daytime Party occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Glad To Tier It Necklace
    Layer up the love in this tiered gold necklace - a ModCloth exclusive - which touts petite charms cascading down to a faceted blue gem, making for one graceful treasure! Boho, Festival Glad To Tier It Necklace embellished with Tiered.
  • ModCloth Boho That Gorgeous Glow Necklace
    Little can compare to the ethereal loveliness you radiate while wearing this tiered necklace! A turquoise faux-gemstone, metallic beads, and luminescent faux-crystals decorate each strand of this golden accessory, infusing your look with an unmatched, captivating effervescence. Boho, Safari, Festival That Gorgeous Glow Necklace embellished with Tiered.
  • Coming Swoon Dress
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  • ModCloth Quirky What's Up? Necklace
    Your spirits are sure to soar when you accessorize with this gold necklace. Starring a precious balloon-shaped pendant - complete with cutouts and a dangling chain for a string - this outfit accent is a total conversation starter! Quirky, Darling What's Up? Necklace.
  • ModCloth Statement Flashbulb Fab Necklace
    Premier this sparkling gold necklace at tonights gala and get ready to pose! This ModCloth exclusive boasts teardrop-shaped rhinestones and crystalline accents that everyone will want to photograph. Statement Flashbulb Fab Necklace embellished with Rhinestones for Special Occasion, Wedding, Party, Cocktail, Holiday Party, Bridesmaid, Bride occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Dew the Twist Necklace
    Add a little shimmer to your shimmy with this fabulous beaded necklace - which boasts an intertwining array of sky-blue and navy hues that make you want to grab a hand and glow like this! Boho, Festival Dew the Twist Necklace embellished with Beads for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Main Stage Marvel Necklace
    Ring in the start of your favorite music festival with boho brilliance in this tiered necklace! Accompanied by chain tassels, metallic charms, and cobalt-blue gemstones, this geometric accessory is a haute highlight of concert style. Boho, Festival Main Stage Marvel Necklace in Gold embellished with Tassels.
  • ModCloth Minimal Delicate Details Necklace
    When youre seeking simple accents to add to your bold outfits, this dainty gold necklace is top-notch! Touting a petite circular charm, offset by a subtle rhinestone, this precious piece is a minimalist marvel. Minimal Delicate Details Necklace in Circle embellished with Rhinestones.