Cute Necklaces
  • ModCloth Boho Tactful Trimmings Necklace
    With your knack for accessorizing to perfection, its no wonder this ModCloth-exclusive, art-deco-inspired necklace caught your eye. Accentuated by subtly twinkling gems, this long, silver stunner features a fringe of delicate tassels beneath its ornate circular pendant - layering your look in tasteful adornment! Boho, Darling, Festival Tactful Trimmings Necklace embellished with Beads, Tassels.
  • ModCloth Boho Leading Edge Necklace
    Youre at the forefront of style boundaries, imaginatively jazzing things up with innovative accessories such as this fringed statement necklace. Antiqued-silver tassel-shaped charms alternate between oval beads and hang from an adjustable curb chain, creating a ray-like design that shines light onto the future of fashion. Boho, Urban, Darling, Festival Leading Edge Necklace embellished with Tassels.
  • ModCloth Luxe Glam Golden Rule Necklace
    Shine unto others as you wish to be shone upon, and start with this stunning statement necklace! From its golden cable chain, this accessory showcases gems in emerald, canary, amber, and dusty blue, and makes for ensemble after ensemble of good, generous style! Luxe, Statement, Urban, Darling Glam Golden Rule Necklace in Multi embellished with Beads for Wedding, Cocktail, Girls Night Out, Bridesmaid occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Loop You
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    Your wide-ranging tastes make for an inclusive wardrobe - including minimalist accessories like this petite golden pendant necklace. Dangling from a princess-length oval link chain, this 1, 2-inch halo-shaped charm gleams gracefully beside casual and dressy ensembles alike! Boho, Urban, Minimal, Darling Loop You In Necklace.
  • ModCloth Urban Ghost to Show Necklace
    Dress in your most ethereal attire, you add cute humor to your otherworldly style by adding this ghost necklace to your look. This adornments quirky, cartoon-like character - available exclusively at ModCloth - dangles at an angle from a light silver chain and quickly becomes your favorite phantom-inspired accessory. Urban, Quirky, Festival Ghost to Show Necklace in Silver embellished with Chain for Halloween occasions.
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  • ModCloth Fairytale, Darling, Nifty Nerd, Festival, French Under Lock and Filigree Necklace
    Keep your style secrets safe with this unique pendant necklace! Dangling beneath an intricately ornamented keyhole, a glass-adorned silver key stays close to your heart - adding a delicate layer of charm to each of your enviously whimsical looks! Fairytale, Darling, Nifty Nerd, Festival, French , Victorian Under Lock and Filigree Necklace.
  • ModCloth Boho Rhapsody
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    Groove to the blues in harmony with this vintage-inspired necklace! Festooned with rich cobalt-blue gems, this ornate golden accessory boasts a distressed, antique-reminiscent finish and an intricately detailed chain - syncing perfectly with your chic, bohemian style! Boho, Statement, Urban, Festival Rhapsody in Bluegrass Necklace embellished with Tassels.
  • ModCloth Quirky Call on Me Necklace
    You often rely on this long pendant necklace - a ModCloth exclusive - to jazz up an ensemble. The glossy, black rotary phone that dangles from the adjustable, linked chain of this retro-inspired accessory has everyone choosing yours as the most-adored look in the room, and wed say that statement rings true! Quirky, Vintage Inspired Call on Me Necklace in Black embellished with Chain.
  • ModCloth Boho Berry Good Harvest Necklace
    Celebrate a pleasant day of wandering the orchard with your friends by baking a tart wearing this ModCloth-exclusive bib necklace! Featuring a bushel of lustrous, leaf-like gems in a bounty of green hues, this glowing statement piece is a delightful complement to your sweet and simple taste. Boho, Statement, Urban, Travel, Darling Berry Good Harvest Necklace in Greenery for Cocktail, Girls Night Out, Beach, Resort occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Epitome of Enchanting Necklace
    Accessories dont get more alluring than the ornate, sparkling design of this antiqued-gold statement necklace. A chain-mail-like bib suspends from an adjustable curb chain and is ornamented with baubles big and small. Pearls, crystal rhinestones, and neutral-hued gems make this adornment a beautiful boho-inspired spectacle. Boho, Statement, Darling Epitome of Enchanting Necklace in Multi embellished with Chain, Rhinestones, Pearls.
  • ModCloth Boho Come What Maze Necklace
    No matter what direction the day takes, youre bound to leave a memorable impression just by flaunting this eye-catching statement necklace! A maze of zigzagging lines and neon-hued, geometric designs decorates the variously sized circles that dangle from the linked chain of this golden accessory, glistening all the way from morning til night. Boho, Luxe, Statement, Urban, Darling Come What Maze Necklace in Orange embellished with Chain.
  • ModCloth Your Primary Pick Necklace
    Your first choice for adding color to your wardrobe is this beaded necklace! Adorned with baubles of increasing sizes in hues of crimson, goldenrod, navy, and ivory, this adjustable piece is a prime example of your ability to accessorize. Your Primary Pick Necklace in Multi embellished with Beads for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Alloy Mate Necklace
    Your salutations are even more eye-catching when you greet people wearing this magnificently fringed statement necklace. Long squared beads of brass, copper, and patina-covered metals are looped together to dangle in luxurious rows from a broad, adjustable curb chain with boho-inspired flair. Boho, Urban, Festival Alloy Mate Necklace in Multi embellished with Tassels.
  • ModCloth Boho Deco Drama Necklace
    Your ensemble gets a dose of 20s-era-inspired glamour when accompanied by this sleek gold statement necklace. Five geometric teardrop pendants are each embellished by earthy, opaque gems alongside moss-green and copper faux rhinestones with gold bead accents that make this stylish piece a stunning treat to showcase. Boho, Statement, Urban Deco Drama Necklace in Multi.
  • ModCloth Boho Paddle Be the Day Necklace
    Looking for an adventurous way to enliven your look? Chances are, youll reach for this rainbow-hued necklace again and again! Rows of gold paddles are encompassed by colorful thread on this bold statement piece, bringing verve and vivacity to whatever you wear! Boho, Statement, Urban, Festival Paddle Be the Day Necklace in Multi.
  • ModCloth Statement Bake a Statement Necklace
    Prepare your signature sugar cookies and slip on this gold necklace to boldly declare your presence tonight! Rows of fan-like petals sweep to the center of this grand accessory, mimicking the artful arrangement of your baked goods on the plate you carry into the party. Statement, Urban Bake a Statement Necklace in Gold embellished with Chain for Cocktail, Girls Night Out occasions.