Cute Necklaces
  • ModCloth Statement Whimsical Wingspan Necklace
    Adorn your striking party look with this remarkable gold bird necklace. This posh pendant -which suspends in three movable pieces attached by jump rings - flaunts a textured design thatsplendidly reaches its geo-patterned wings, shining a phenomenal glow upon your visage. Statement, Darling, Critters Whimsical Wingspan Necklace in Gold.
  • ModCloth Boho Top of the Tower Necklace
    The view from the tallest point of the tour is especially romantic as your sweetie embraces you and your art deco-inspired necklace catches the light. The hammered gold metal of this statement piece, accented by matte navy gems, is almost as radiant as your perspective! Boho, Statement, Urban Top of the Tower Necklace in Gold.
  • ModCloth Boho At the Last Minute Necklace
    See you in five, your pal says just before you hang up the phone. Reaching for this teal bib necklace, you dont feel rushed to find a standout look - you know all you have to do is rely on the round beads and tiers of teardrop-shaped baubles that hang from the golden chain of this bold piece! Boho, Safari, Statement, Urban, Darling At the Last Minute Necklace in Teal in Blue embellished with Beads for Cocktail occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Next Stop, Paradise Earrings and Necklace Set
    Youre the picture of beachside beauty as you step off the plane sporting this glam jewelry set!Matched with dainty, square-shaped earrings, a long, tasseled necklace addsa delightful complement to your tropical surroundings. Tour the island feeling vibrant in the geometrically designed beads and clear bauble of this necklace before relaxing under the shade of a palm tree in style! Boho, Festival Next Stop, Paradise Earrings and Necklace Set in Orange embellished with Tassels, Beads.
  • ModCloth Fairytale, Scholastic Opening Line Necklace
    Complete a whimsical look with the beautiful, fairytale-inspired style of this pendant necklace a ModCloth exclusive! An unfurling banner pendant of antiqued gold is etched with the classic opener, Once Upon a Time, as it dangles from a slender curb chain, ensuring you and your ensemble will live happily ever after. Fairytale, Scholastic, Collegiate, Nifty Nerd, Sayings Opening Line Necklace.
  • ModCloth Fairytale, Scholastic Book Club Classic Necklace
    Even though your book clubs selections are new bestsellers, you just have to clasp this golden charm necklace - a ModCloth exclusive - admist your collar before todays meeting. Featuring dangling Alice in Wonderland-themed charms, including the Mad Hatters hat, the White Rabbit, roman numeral clocks, and a heart with Alices signature, this antiqued accessory proves that some looks - and books! - are classic. Fairytale, Scholastic, Collegiate, Nifty Nerd Book Club Classic Necklace.
  • ModCloth Boho, Fairytale, Darling, Festival, Scholastic Elixir of Adoration Necklace
    No need to sip magic mixture to fall in love with this ModCloth-exclusive locket necklace! Topped with a tiny tag that reads, Love Potion #9, this antiqued-gold pendant flaunts a floral-etched back and a lattice-like, rhinestone-embellished face with a hinged, magnetic opening ready to hold your most-treasured talisman inside. Boho, Fairytale, Darling, Festival, Scholastic, Collegiate Elixir of Adoration Necklace.
  • ModCloth Statement Pop of Posh Necklace
    Light up your look by accessorizing with this two-toned, geometric statement necklace! Mirror-like polygons of silver and gold hang from the chain of this bold, deco-inspired piece, bringing eye-catching glamour to any ensemble. Statement, Quirky Pop of Posh Necklace embellished with Chain.
  • ModCloth Boho A Sparkling Statement Necklace
    Your friends know your dialogue as simply dazzling - much like the beaded statement necklace youre sporting! Burnished beads in hues of rich bronze, silver, and gold twist into intricate patterns on this fabric-backed necklace, whose deco-inspired design is a standout in any ensemble. Boho, Statement, Urban, Festival A Sparkling Statement Necklace in Silver, Gold embellished with Chain for Party, Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Scholastic That Polonius Guy Necklace
    A literature lover like you can always quote a classic, which is why you love donning the legendary line etched on this antiqued gold pendant. Embellished with a floral border, this necklaces plaque-like focal point dangles Polonius wise and famous words - This above all else: to thine own self be true - close to your heart. Scholastic, Collegiate, Darling, Nifty Nerd, Sayings That Polonius Guy Necklace.
  • ModCloth Boho Bursting with Beauty Necklace
    An easygoing ensemble comes alive when you fasten this antiqued locket necklace - a ModCloth exclusive - amidst your collar! Rhinestone-embellished rays radiate from a central amber gem on the face of this multi-chained accessory, helping to make your look shine the whole day through. Boho, Fairytale, Darling Bursting with Beauty Necklace.
  • ModCloth Boho At the Last Minute Necklace
    See you in five, your pal says just before you hang up the phone. Reaching for this red bib necklace, you dont feel rushed to find a standout look - you know all you have to do is rely on the round beads and tiers of teardrop-shaped baubles that hang from the golden chain of this bright piece! Boho, Statement, Urban, Darling At the Last Minute Necklace in Cinnamon in Red embellished with Chain, Beads.
  • ModCloth Quirky, Scholastic Rule the Spool Necklace
    Youve come to consider this ruler necklace a lucky charm, for every time you wear it at the sewing machine, genius sparks! When this antique-inspired pendant is your creative companion, your designs surpass your own inspiring imaginings! Quirky, Scholastic, Collegiate, Nifty Nerd Rule the Spool Necklace in Gold.
  • ModCloth Statement Glamour and More Necklace
    Theres no limit to the level of glamour that one can add to a look, so dont think twice about donning this golden bib necklace! With alternating mint and gold baubles framing a series of navy rectangles, this statement-making accessory offers all of the glint and glimmer you could ever ask for - and maybe a bit more. Statement Glamour and More Necklace in Multi embellished with Chain for Girls Night Out occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Imagine This Necklace
    Just think of how awesome itd be if you could have two golden unicorns as companions. Well, when you adjust the box chain of this necklace along your collar, you can! Dreamy! Boho, Fairytale, Darling, Critters Imagine This Necklace for Casual occasions.
  • ModCloth Boho Lights, Camera, Fashion! Necklace
    You happily upload every selfie and candid shot you take on the days youre wearing this gold necklace! With a slim pendant that forms the silhouette of a camera, this adjustable accessory makes it a snap to achieve a picture perfect look. Boho, Urban, Minimal Lights, Camera, Fashion! Necklace for Casual occasions.