Hey its @truelovesurvives! This is my first tip, and I hope you like it! 
Instagram? alexandradelossantos
Read my story? http://fanfic.mmm-mag.com/stories/i-m-in-love-with-the-thought-of-you-lt-3-a-justin-bieber-love-story-5022e165236514225622addf

Anyways, here's some ideas! (:
O1: Swinging on swings ♥ 
O2: Wearing the same/different snapbacks ♥ 
O3: Everyone is laughing
O4: Everyone’s claws or paws out (Hands lol.) ♥ 
O5: Everyone has the same sort of drink out
O6:”Rock on” sign with hands
O7: Everyone’s linked in different ways ♥ 
O8: Everyone’s wearing the same sunglasses
O9: Hands in back pockets ♥ 
1O: All different hand signs ♥ 
11: On the playground fooling around
12: Everyone’s hair in cute buns ♥ 
13: Everyone’s wearing the same sports jersey or each wearing a different one ♥ 
14: All wearing letterman (Varsity) jackets
15: All Jumping at the same time
16: Hair whips
17: ”LOVE” with hands, arms, or whole body ♥ 
18: Everyone Blowing kisses ♥ 
19: Everyone is wearing knee high socks ♥ 
2O: Everyone dressed up as nerds ♥ 
21: Everyone is dressed up as gangsters ♥ 
22: Paint and glitter all over 
23: In a circle holding hands ♥ 
24: Everyone’s wearing flowers in hair ♥ 
25: Everyone’s wearing 3D Glasses
26: Everyone’s has Cake all over faces ♥ 
27: Food fight scene ♥ 
28: Everyone’s eating the same thing
29: Everyone’s tongues are out in different ways ♥ 
3O: Everyone’s are all on their phones
31: Everyone’s under blankets ♥ 
32: Everyone’s holding different sports equipment ♥ 
33: Everyone’s on slides or all on one slide ♥ 
34: Message on back of hands ♥ 
35: Everyone’s eating chocolate ♥ 
36: Everyone’s sitting on the same couch
37: Gaming ♥ 
38: Writing/Drawings on cheeks ♥ 
39: All wearing shutter glasses ♥ 
4O: Everyone’s eating all nutella ♥ 
41: Everyone’s wearing bandanas ♥ 
42: Everyone’s Holding different soda cans ♥ 
There’s a bit, and I hope they help!
-Alexandra (: ♥
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