Hey everyone!
This is my very first tip, and the very first set in the "DIY Shorts" series!
I know summer is coming up, so I hope this is helpful to all of you who are on a budget!

+Cutting Jeans into Shorts

☯ Old Jeans (I suggest non-skinny)
☯ Scissors (fabric scissors work best, but regular scissors are great too!)
☯ A pencil
☯ A measuring tape
☯ Sandpaper (this is optional. If you want the bottom of your shorts to look frayed, you will need/want this!)

☯ First you'll want to pick out a pair of jeans to make into shorts. Keep in mind that baggy jeans will make into baggy shorts and tight jeans will make tight shorts. I suggest jeans that are comfortable in the hip, thigh, and butt area. Before beginning on the jeans, you'll want to make sure they've been washed before! You don't want them shrinking on you after you spend time on them!

☯ Next, you'll want to decide on the length you want the shorts, and mark off the length. I suggest taking your favorite pair of shorts, and getting the measurements of those. If you don't have a favorite pair of shorts, but the jeans on and mark where you want them to end. Mark the spot in two places: your inner thigh and outer thigh. If you want the shorts to be long in the crotch region and shorter in the outer thigh, mark accordingly. Take the measurements of your marks and mark on the opposite side. Connect your marks. Remember that your marks do not have to be straight! Also remember that the shorts will continue to fray, so cut the shorts a bit longer than you want them.

☯ Now lay the jeans on a flat surface, and cut along the line you made. Try to make the cut as smooth as you can!

☯ It's time to try on your shorts. Are they the length you're wanting? If so, skip to the next step. If they are not, repeat the marking and cutting process.

☯ Do you not want the bottoms to be frayed? Don't fret! Grab a needle and thread, or go to your sewing machine and sew a quick, but clean, hem. If you want your shorts cuffed, stitch around the edge to prevent them from fraying and cuff them to your liking!

☯ Are you wanting your shorts to be frayed? Take your sandpaper and go over the edges, loosening up the threads, then take the edge of the scissors and run them along the edges, pulling a few of the threads loose. Now throw them in the washer and then dryer and ta-da: frayed edges! If you're looking for more fraying, repeat the washing and drying process!

That's it for my Jeans to Shorts how to. 
I hope it inspires you to go out and make your own shorts!
If you have any questions, leave them below. I'm an expert DIY shorts maker. (;



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